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What or who inspired you to be a DJ?
The internet and a program called Virtual dj....

What parties have you worked at so far?
Ive done heaps of parties..some of the best would have to be, The Vic Rugby Boy's Parties, Fluro parties, and An all girl's school event..

Any Highlights?
Winning the dj battle at F-Four was pretty awesome, and that girls school went right off

What do you enjoy most about Djing?
The thrill of seeing a crowd goin nuts is just awesome...and remixing tracks live is just crazy aswell

What genre do you prefer to play at the moment?
Electro House

Describe your style.
Electro, Vocal, Remixing with acapellas and samples...


Do you prefer Vinyl or CD and why?
CD's Cause of the easy accessibility, and because theres so many ways to manipulate the sound and remix live with them..

How do you deal with a seated crowd?
Hmmmm.....Turn up the volume and play the best music available..

When you're not working which DJs would you go and see play (local and/or international)?
Axwell, Sebesatian Leger, Chris Lake, Carl Kennedy, Trentemoller, Eric Prydz, Tocadisco, Roger Sanchez, Roonie G, Van She, Bang Gang...just to name a few...

Top 5 All time Favorite tracks?
Off the top of my head.....
1.Zombie Nation - KernKraft 400
2.Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (What the f*ck mix) - Daft Punk
3.Chasing Cars (Topher Jones & Blake Jarrell Remix) - Snow Patrol
4.Such A Freak (TV Rock Mix) - Dirty South
5.One More Time - Daft Punk
Top 10 Current favorite tracks?

1. Shiloh - Vice (Luke Chable Remix)
2. Eyerer And Chopstick - Haunting (Christopher Just Remix)
3. Robot Needs Oil - Volta (Olivier Giacomotto remix)
4. I Will Have You (Colt Figure Remix) - Andy J
5. At Night (2 Elements Remix) - Dave Spoon
6. Snow (Hoxton Whores Remix) - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
7. Sound Of Eden (Bodyrox Dub Mix) - Another Chance
8. Waiting For (Rene Amesz & Peter Gelderblom's Booty) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
9. Detroit Education - Prydz VS Fedde Le Grand (Dj Ty Mash Up)
10. Lollipop (Dub Mix) - Dada Feat Sandy Rivera

Are you working on any current projects or remixes at the moment?
Yes, in the process of making a new mix CD..

Where can we find out more about you?

Where can we see you play ?
I will post my club gigs on myspace soon..

Check out DJ Ty @ Battle of the DJs F4 Night Club

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