Born in Milano (Italy), Skizo starts his career on the turntables back in early 1984.
As the founder member of F.P.C. and Radical Stuff in '87, together with Gruff, Sean, TopCat and Kaos, Skizo has developed through the years a unique style of scratching and music composing, called the “Highway loop feeling”. In the early nineties, he becomes part of the legendary Breakin crew Passo sul Tempo (Italy) as a DJ, together with breakers Krash Kid and Kid Head. After some years, Skizo brings his Italian turntable flavour to Australia, winning the D.M.C. '96 title together with Australian legends KC and Brian ASK( The3djs), then going on battling at the
D.M.C. World finals in Italy. In 1998, he joins forces with DJ Sing (Australia) and releases his first Electro LP The Masterplan (Edel).

In 2002 he is back in the competition arena winning the Italian team category ITF and successively the 3rd place at the ITF Eastern Emisphere Category in Amsterdam. He decides then to create his first Record Label, the infamous "BAD NEWZ ENTERPRISES", and the "G.M.A.STUDIO's", a recording facility fully equipped for turntable music production. Skizo is also the founder member of the 1st ever turntablist crew in Italy: " ALIENARMY". The crew records together two LPs : “ Orgasmi meccanici” and “The End”.
In 2003, he teams up with different musicians such as Faze Liquida, Bonez from Statik recording (Australia), Perceptions,M;ermoli,Dada and the ultiskilled and talented Mike Patton (Faith No More, Phantomas, Mr Bungle), doing various tours around Australia and Europe. He also features in the 5 Sides of the coin movie (USA/CAN).and a new DVD of the Alien Army dj’s crew tour ,sponsored by Karl kani and BullRot. Currently touring with Alien Army and Perceptions with a higly innovative scratch music set.
External product manager/consultant for Vestax/Gemini/Stanton/mpielettronics
Show case and product seminars for Vestax at Disme Sib (italia), NAMM (usa), Entech (Australia)
Art director and organizer of the 1st Vestax Extravaganza event (Italy, 2001)
Art director and organizer of the 1st Eccler Tournament (Italy, 2002)
Art director and organizer of the 1st Scratch Seminar in Bologna (Italy, 2000)
Australian DMC school scratch seminars 1999/2000/2001/2002/2003/2004
Art director and organizer of the Italian DMC battle in 2004
Show Case and Product seminars for RANE and VESTAX at Sib (Italia) 2004
OFFICIAL Art Director for DMC italy 2005
A&R for PL Records Turntablism section Bologna (Italy)
DMC Australian champ 1996
ITF Italian team champion 2000
ITF Eastern Emisphere 2000 - 3rd place in team battle
1990: RadicalStuff Live LP
1990: RadicalStuff 12inch Lets get Dizzy
1990: RadicalStuff 12inch I guess you know
1991: RadicalStuff double LP Hard to swallow
1992: RadicalStuff 12inch Summer Fever
1992: RadicalStuff 12inch On the Run
1992: RadicalStuff 12inch Let the flute flow
1993: RadicalStuff VIDEO Summer Fever
1993: Lo Greco Bros REMIX
1996: 1 Song on Dime Bag compilation (USA)
1997: 1 song on Kaos' first LP
1998: Produced song Lucida Follia (Gruff)
1998: 2 Songs and Scratches on Neffa's 2nd LP
1998: Golden Break Beats (Bad News Prod.)
1998: 3 Songs and Scratches on La Pina's LP
1998: Remix OTR 12inch
1998: Scratches on "Il Suono della Strada"
1998: Some Dope Fiend Beats (Bad News)
1999: Gente Guasta 12inch War Games
1999: Scratches on Torch LP (Germany)
1999: Alien Army Double LP
1999: Alien Army 12inch Mono
2000: Compilation "Missione Impossibile"
2000: The Masterplan double LP
2000: Get on Down 12inch (Masterplan 2 LP)
2000: Coproduction on Inoki's LP
2000: 1 Song on Joe Cassano's LP
2000: Coproduction on Finezza Clique's LP
2000: Scratches on Celsius' LP (Australia)
2000: 2 Songs on Mass MC LP (Australia)
2000: 1 Song on Torcha LP (Australia)
2000: Producer for Thorn's LP (Australia)
2001: 1cut on DEFCUT lp EMZEE Records (Ger)
2001: Scratches on “The world according to RZA” , a world
distributed LP produced by RZA (Wu Tang Clan), on Frankie Hi
NRg’ s track (BMG)
2001: Heavy Impact Breaks (IRMA)
2002: Secret Recipe Break Beats Vol.1(Bad Newz)
2003: 12 inch AlienArmy DailyNightmares ( indip)
2003: Productions and mixing on Alien Army ‘ LP 'The End'
2003: 1 cut on Global Turntable (HipHopslam USA)
2003: 1 cut on Scratch Attack vol.1(HipHopSlam USA)
2004: 1song on PLrecords compilation
TV: RAI-Italia 1-Channel 5-MatchMusic-MTV-AllMusic-CDlive
RADIO: RadioDJ-Italianetwork-RadioPopolare-KissKiss-RadioRai
MOVIE: 5 sides of the coin USA/CANADA a World wide hiphop documentary –AlienArmyGT DVD
Also appears in Umbria Jazz festival, ArezzoWave festival, 1° May concert in Rome
“Perception”LP/CD togheter with stand bass player L.Feliciati and drummer P.Ferroni a project that involve major jazz composers from Italy .
The 2nd volume of “Heavy Impact Breaks“ "Skizo & Ermoli Project “together with photographer and composer M.Ermoli a duoble lp/cd of downtempo lounge and abstract new jazz oriented project
Alien Army live concert’s tour DVD (out in November2004)
Skizo’s Solo LP “Somewhere between dreams and reality”
1st Scratch music Compilation PL Records Italy a project that involve alla the major scratch dj’s and scratch music composers around Italy.
PL records tour

DJ Skizo use in tour - Mixer Rane ttm56 turntable STR8 Stanton, Boss RC20, Boss DS1/DD6, The Worm, JimDunlop Wah pedal ..

You can find DJ Skizo lecturing at The United DJ Mixing School in Sydney and in Melbourne throughout this summer.