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DJ Sanks

What or who inspired you to be a DJ?
Having studied music theory from an early age, I’ve always enjoyed listening to and playing music. I played the trumpet and bass guitar in other bands, and around the time I stopped playing, I started going to music festivals and parties and was interested in the dance music scene.  Watching DJ’s mesmerizing crowds with what they could do with a pair of turntables, I wanted to be a DJ.

What do you enjoy most about DJing?
Playing music I enjoy and sharing the experience with an enthusiastic crowd.

What genre do you prefer to play at the moment?
I really enjoy playing breaks and techno. But also electro house (and most variations of house), hip hop, rock, or anything with a funky beat. I don’t think all about the genre, but how the music is performed to entertain and take the crowd on journey. 

Describe your style.
I like to be a “hands on” DJ, to really use all the feature of the equipment in front of me, and if possible to incorporate tricks or visual effects to become part of the performance. Like with the live production I incorporated in my United DJ’s Mixing School graduation performance, I like to add more flare to my sets.

Any venues in mind?
Smaller venues are always fun because there is more interaction with the crowd. But the level of energy at bigger parties helps to bring out the best of the music. Melbourne’s has some great venues that I would like to play, however in my travels to Europe; I’ve found some great clubs in Berlin where I would one day like to play.

Where would like your DJing to take you?
At the moment it’s a hobby and most of my sets have been at friends’ parties. I would like to play regularly in clubs and eventually at larger festivals. I’m also interested in music production, promotions and behind the scenes of DJing. This will allow me to work with other DJ’s and become part of the music industry.


10 all time favourite tracks (in no particular order)

Block Rockin’ Beats – Chemical Brothers
Out of Space – Prodigy
Check it Out – Beastie Boys (actually, anything by the Beasties)
Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz
Dreaming – BT
Adagio for Strings –Tiesto
Gyromancer – Stanton Warriors
Scram – Plump DJ’s
Sing it Back – Moloko
Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

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