DJ Revolution began his career at the age of 13 on some dusty, old, mismatched, beltdriven turntables his grandfather pulled out of the attic.  After hooking them up to a mixer ol' grandad built from scrap metal in his garage, he started selling Top 40 and rock mix tapes to his sixth grade class. When he first heard "The Adventures of Grandmaster Flash on The Wheels of Steel " which had already been out a few years - his whole idea of what a DJ was turned upside down.

Since then DJ Revolution has spent 15 years perfecting his craft on the 1200's.  You'd be amazed at how much one can do with records in 15 years, and Revolutions has done just about everything you can think of.  Spun 'em, scratched 'em, juggled 'em, sampled 'em, collected 'em, produced 'em, sold 'em, distributed 'em, promoted 'em and so on.  But in 1996, after sending an outdated mixtape to King Tech, he could add one more item to the list of things he's done with records; played 'em on the "Wake up Show".

Two weeks after Tech contacted DJ Revolution, Rev was on the show doing regular guest spots.  In 97', when a friend and crewmember Prince Ice left the show, Rev took over the wheels, and has been holding 'em down ever since.

Aside from his duties on the air he has lent his now infamous scratch techniques to countless records and his production skills to many established artists.  Revolution jhas also released 2 of his own Full Length LP's (In 12's we trust/R2K) and 1 with his partners Sway & Tech (This or That).  He know owns and operates his label Millenia Music, on which he will continue to make classic contributions to the hp hop world thru the material it puts out.

However, no matter how involved in the business of Hip Hop DJ Revolution becomes he will always be most comfortable standing behind two 1200's


Artist Song (Album) Title Label Year
ED O.G. Rise & Shine Fat Beats 02
Defari Smack ya Face ABB 02
Baby Blak Blak is Back Millenia 02
D.J. Revolution U Need new Breaks Battle Axe 01
D.J. Revolution Coffee Breaks Battle Axe 01
D.J. Revolution Big Honky Breaks Nu Gruv/Ground Control 01
Killing Spree pt II Mykill Miers Ill Boogie 01
Raw Shit Mykill Miers Ill Boogie 01
1 for the Treble Mykill Miers Ill Boogie 01
Do what they gotta do Mykill Miers Ill Boogie 01
Mykill Miers Everyday Ritual (remix) Ill Boogie 01
Akbar 5th Element Ill Boogie 01
D.J. Revolution In 12's we Trust (Album Millenia/Ground Control 00
Mykill Miers/Asia Killing Spree (remix) Blackberry/Ill Boogie 00
Evidence/D.J. Revolution Evolution/Revidence Millenia/Ground Control 99
Rasheed & Kamachi Forever Blackberry 99
Black Mask (Film) Original Motion Picture Score Tommy Boy 99
Sway & Tech/Revolution This or that (album) Interscope 99
D.J. Revolution R2K version 1.0 (album) Blackberry 99
rasheed & Ill advised w/the Roots Remix Quake City 99
Defari Album Intro Tommy Boy 98
Tech N9ne Big Bad Wolf Quest/Knockturnal 98
Rasheed & Ill advised Quake City 98
Styles of Beyond Many Styles Mammoth/Ideal 98
Wake up Show Mix Tapes/Classics All City Productions 97
Wake up Show Battle Time All City 97
Revolution/King Tech Instrumental Addicts Knocturnal 97
Featured Guest appearances (Scratches and or additional production).
Artist Song (Album) Title Label Year
Concise Fame Double Up 12" 02
Checkmate f/Royce da 5'9" RAW Double Up 12" 02
Joey Chavez f/Phil Da Agony/Dilated Peoples Fingerprints/1-5 Beat Down 12" 02
Lost Angels Defari ---?--- album cut 02
Planet Asia Charcoal Interscope album cut 02
Dilated Peoples Defari Expansion Team Interlude Capitol 12" 01
Bravo & Sandman One of a kind (Supperrapin) Gruv-Attack album cut 01
Swollen Members Take it Back Battle Axe 12" 01
Swollen Members/Planet Asia Total Package Battle Axe album cut 01
13 Clear the spot/get it started ABB 12" 01
Discography Cont.
Artist Song (Album) Title Label Year
Triple Seis New York, New York Ill Boogie 12" 01
The Alkaholiks w/King Tee The Bubble Loud Records 12" 01
Mystic Current Events Goodvibe 12" 01
A-G-O-N-Y Phil da Agony Rawkus 12" 01
Masters of Illusion National Guard/Step up Threshold 12" 00
4th Avenue Jones REspect Interscope 12" 00
Melody Adonis Phife Lndspd/Grv attack 12" 00
Slum Village w/Asia Hold Tight Remix Goodvibe 12" 00
Grand Agent/Born Allah Patience Ill Boogie 12" 00
Bahamadia Special Forces Goodvibe 12" 00
Bahamadia Album intro Goodvibe album cut 00
Scritti Politti/Likwit Crew Mystic Handyman Virgin 12" 00
Chino XL My World Warner Bros album cut 99
Phil the Agony Blunted Barber Shop 12" 99
Grand Agent Mingling with Mayhem Czar Casket 12" 99
Kamachi & A.G. They don't know Ready Rock 12" 99
Mtykill Myers & Bumpy Knuckles Be an M.C. Blackberry 12" 99
Spontaneous w/Tash Serve 1 Goodvibe 12" 99
Rasco Bustin Blackberry 12" 99
Planet Asia & Rasco Crash the Boards Cali Agents album cut 99
Planet Asia & 427 Bringin it back (rmx) Blackberry 12" 99
Swollen Members Camouflage/Heavy Battle Axe 12" 99
Kool Keith & Motion Man Partnas Konfused Funky Ass 12" 99
Defari/Joey Chavez Develop Tools ABB 12" 99
Dilated Peoples Main Event part II Capitol unreleased 99
Dilated Peoples Interludes Capitol album cuts 99
Dilated Peoples Work the Angles ABB 12" 98
Rasco Bits & Pieces Stones throw album cut 98
Red Foo & Dre Kroon The Freshest Bubonic 12" 98
Crooked I DJ's & MC's Virgin promo 12" 98

Other related material ........

* The Wake up Show with Sway & Tech: DJ/Producer/Editor

* Internationally Syndicated mix show has been on the air for 12 years.

DJ REVOLUTION hosted an exclusive lecture at the United DJ Mixing School on Tuesday the 16th July 2002. If you missed it, sections of it can be viewed with Real Player by clicking on the pictures.....

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