Interview at United DJ Mixing School, Sydney


1. How long have you been a Disc Jockey ?
I started back in 1988 playing House music in various clubs in Denmark. Then I started playing Hip Hop in 1990.

2. When did you first get involved with the DMC competitions ?
The first time I entered a competition was in 1992 at the Denmark DMC Finals where I came 3rd place. I slowly progressed from there and came third in the 1993 world Championships with two other Djs from Denmark called ‘The Cuttin Crew’. Then I went solo the following year and came runner up to DJ Rock Raider.

3. What or who inspired you to become a battle DJ ?
Dj scratch,
Cash Money,
Ritchie Ritch,
Third Bass,
for the love it.

4. In your opinion, what qualities are needed to become a world champion DJ ?
Good Appearence,

5. DMC started releasing the world championship videos to the public back in 87 and this has helped in raising the standards of Djs across the globe because they use the videos as a learning tool. New ideas and tricks started to evolve from countries all around the world. Almost every trick that you can possibly ever imagine have now been used in battles. How muck longer do you think the DMC competitions will last and where do you see yourself and other battle Djs going from here ?
Kwown as musicians insteasd of record players. studio, band, using the turntable as a instrument.

6. From your tour you have seen the Australian Hip Hop culture and talent that exist here. How would you compare it to the standards from around the world ?
Good standards, good in bed rooms, get into comps. similar to europe, true B Boys, have its own style, most countries copy American styles, Australia stickibg with own style.

7. Finally how does it feel to have two Gold Turntables ?
Feels excelent, dont use them, keep as monument, took so long to reach the goal.


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