::. Melo D Australasian Tour 2004 .::

Tuesday the 20th April DJ Seminar @ United DJ Mixing School (Sydney)

Wednesday the 21st April Honkytonks (Melbourne)

Thursday the 22nd April Christchurch, (N.Z.)

Friday the 23rd April Queenstown, (N.Z.)

Saturday the 24th April DJ RAW'S DJ BATTLE, Wellington, (N.Z.)

Sunday the 25th (Long Weekend) O-II-SHI, (Sydney)


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Since 1992, David Mendoza, globally recognized as DJ Melo-D of the world famous Beat Junkies, has conjured fascination amongst music enthusiasts both in the national and international scenes.  Elevating his individual style and developing his turntable talent to emit technical precision and a flawless style of mixing are practices he has mastered throughout his DJ career.  As an accomplished musician, Melo-D invents original compositions that illuminate his rhythmical creativity and striking imagination.  His audible innovations exemplify his dedication to advance the DJ artform --- a goal he has clearly achieved.







Musically Accomplished in Illuminating Technical Precision and Stylistic Versatility



Melo-D began his DJ career in 1990, as a member of the DJ group Modern Muzique, based out of Cerritos, CA.  In 1992, he officially joined the Beat Junkie crew and immediately began conquering a host of achievements.  Linked to his name are the prestigious battle titles of Vestax USA Champion (1995), Vestax World Champion (1995), and the honor of Vestax Team World Champions (1996.  In addition, Melo-D, along with several of the highly talented musicians of the Beat Junkie crew, captured the distinguished International Turntablist Federation (ITF) World Champion titles in 1997 and 1998.  The Beat Junkies are the first and only turntable band to capture and defend this celebrated title two consecutive years. 
The styles and techniques demonstrated by Melo-D’s musical influences serve as an inspirational foundation when creating his own audible arrangements.  Aside from integrating techniques from his influences within the DJ industry, including Aladdin, Jazzy Jeff, D-Styles, and Joe Cooley, Melo-D also highlights the skills of several legends hailing from a variety of musical genres.  His inspiration stems from world-renowned producers credited for capturing their individual unique sound, such as Madlib, Jay Dee, “Primo”, and Hi-Tek.  Another genre that feeds its creative juices to Melo-D’s musical style is Reggae in Dub by old-school Jamaican producers, including Mad Professor, Yabby You and King Tubby.  Melo-D recognizes and commends these producers’ musical skills to re-invent Reggae tracks into compositions that clearly have taken their own shape and form.  His music collection of Jazz, Soul and Funk also continue to influence his musical innovations, and by applying a hint of qualities illustrated by his notable mentors, he is able to create audible masterpieces that represent the originality and talent of those he admires.


Melo-D’s past and current achievements confirm the success he has accomplished throughout his DJ career.  As the exclusive DJ for the Quincy Jones’ late-night television production entitled “VIBE” (August 1997 – August 1998; UPN Network), Melo-D etched his mark in music history by becoming the first DJ/turntable musician to claim a permanent position on a national television program.  This opportunity allowed him to demonstrate his musical skills and talent to a more diversified audience.  He has produced and self-released several break records catered to the scratch DJ, including “Gamblin’ Pete’s Million Dollar Blackjack Breaks” (1998) and “Gamblin’ Pete’s Loan Shark Juice Breaks” (1999).  Last year, Melo-D released another title to add to this break record series entitled “Sin City Breaks”. Be on the lookout in 2004, as another title to add to this internationally acclaimed break record series will hit stores worldwide.






In 2001, Melo-D was heavily involved in producing the first Beat Junkie album entitled “Classic Material”, which achieved global success soon after its launch.  This album was released on the group’s newly established, independent record label, “Beat Junkie Sound”, and presents a collection of various works by Beat Junkie artists Rhettmatic, J-Rocc, Babu, and Melo-D.  Earlier this year, Melo-D released "A.M. Workshop", as well as a new series of mix CDs entitled "Classic Sound I" and "Classic Sound II – the Alternative Version. All titles were released under the Beat Junkie Sound label, and have received an amazing response. The Beat Junkies demonstrate that they possess the imagination to create musical masterpieces.  Throughout the world, their signature mark identified as the “Beat Junkie Style” is synonymous with success.  These musicians have mastered the ability to combine precision, along with the DJ techniques of the blend and the scratch to create compositions that cannot be imitated. 

MELO-D will be hosting an exclusive lecture at the United DJ Mixing School on 20th April 2004. To attend RSVP the School on (02) 8308 1888 or email with your full details.

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Melo-D’s involvement with various media outlets assisted in increasing the number of Beat Junkie enthusiasts around the world.  From 1996-2001, his position as the mixshow DJ for a radio program formerly hosted by Julio G (100.3 The Beat), enabled him to share the internationally acclaimed “Beat Junkie Style” of DJing with millions of people throughout Southern California.  Heavily documented in national and international publications, as well as performing on local, national and international television programs, Melo-D’s presence on the top three media circuits allowed him to share his turntable expertise with global audiences, and elevate the DJ art form into a highly respectable and distinguished musical style.