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Lenny Dee is a native of New York. Lenny Dee started his career in 1984 DJing in a local roller disco in Brooklyn NYC at the age of 17. Lenny Dee is recognized as one of New York’s earliest Techno pioneers. His earlier music consisted of Disco, Electro-Body, High Energy and early House. Lenny crossed paths with NY legend/ Radio DJ and Producer - Tommy Musto. Tommy and Lenny went on to make over 20 records together on Tommy’s label Fourth Floor that became underground hits in the U.K. Lenny furthered his career by collaborating with Techno legend Frankie Bones and the DJ / Producer team of Frankie Bones and Lenny Dee was born. Their music catapulted on the British charts, with the XL-Recordings release Looney Tunes in 1989. The two Brooklyn born natives stormed through the UK'S dance scene with a style of breaks and pounding grooves that still influences Techno music today.

Lenny Dee took a short break to finish his Recording Engineering degree in New York City’s Institute of Audio Research. This led him to NY’s prestigious Skyline Studios, which at the time was the home of one of Lenny’s idols – legendary producer/singer/songwriter Nile Rodgers who is the producer of Chic, Madonna and David Bowie among others. He left Skyline to work for another musical pioneer Arthur Baker the owner of Shakedown Studios and Producer of the Soul Sonic Force. Lenny became Baker’s Production Assistant, working on projects for New Order, Brooklyn Funk Essentials and Al Jarreau just to name a few. In this time Lenny met up with House music Producer Victor Simonelli. Lenny and Victor soon found themselves in the studio for Nu Groove and Netwerk Records in the U.K. as well as doing music for David Morales Def Mix Productions.

In 1989, Lenny’s musical exploits brought him to Europe, which changed his direction once again. Lenny Dee’s DJing career propelled him to be one of the most sort after International Techno DJs in the world. In a Time where DJs remained local for the most part, he became the number one International DJ in Germany, Scotland, France and Switzerland with his new sound – Hardcore Techno - a sound that he is still known for today.

In the 90's Lenny Dee was twice awarded the accolade of 'Best Worldwide Techno DJ' by the Scottish Dance Music Awards. Frontpage Magazine heralded him as 'International DJ of the Year' and he has received wide spread coverage in other dance music publications like DJ Times, MixMag, Musik, and Mixer Magazine. He was recently featured in the Dutch DJ Broadcast Mag, UK’s Mixmag (as the No 1 Hardest DJ), Germany’s Groove and Raveline magazines and in XLR8R from the USA.

Lenny Dee DJs all around the world including all across the USA - from Australia through Western & Eastern Europe and as far as Russia, Japan and Sth. America. He has performed at most big events including to over million people at the Love Parade in Berlin, Techno Street Parades in Paris, Switzerland and Hamburg, Mayday in Germany, Tribal Gathering UK, Woodstock 2000 NYC, and the Jane’s Addiction Reunion Tour in NYC 1997.

Lenny Dee launched Industrial Strength Records in the U.S.A. in 1991with PCP’s ‘Mescalinium United’, becoming the first Hardcore Techno label in the world and one of the first Electronic Labels in the U.S.A. His label has featured artists such as Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Daft Punk, The Mover, DJ Paul, Manu le Malin, Cirillo, Oliver Chesler and Nasenbluten among other ground breaking music that has pioneered the label through the decade. Our catalog now boasts almost 750 titles.

ISR and Bastard Loud Records have been resurrected with new releases distributed though Soundbase in Germany who also are repressing some of ISR’s classic titles. ISR has also released a total of 15 Cds and Lenny is also the founder of 2 publishing companies.

On a personal front Lenny’s productions have always been diverse from his signature Hardcore to working with Grammy Nominated COC, collaboration’s with Prodigy Co-Producer Neil McClellan, releases on Warner Bros, Strictly Rythmn, R&S Records, A&M Records, Gigilo, ID&T, Music Man, Rotterdam Records, remixes for Atlantic Records, Sven Vath as well as chart topping hits in Holland and Italy – including projects with Italy’s superstar DJ Moella from RadioDeeJay FM.

Lenny Dee's classic hit 'Morning After' under his pseudonym of 'Fallout' is also featured on the Sony Play Station's PS2 hit game Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas on Rockstar Games - which has sold over 60 million games to date and his conceptual project ‘ Extreme Terror’ also featured on the hit game DOOM by Williams Entertainment which was the biggest selling video game during the 90’s.

Recently Lenny Dee has been the studio collaborating on many projects with some of the best Hardcore Producers in the world including for his upcoming album with DJ Radium - ‘Noise Brulee’ to be released through Audiogenic in France that also features collaborations with the UK’s Hellfish and Dienamic. Other projects include releases with Neophtye, Manu Le Malin, Unexist, Tieum and Dano. Lenny Dee also has upcoming releases on DJ Promo’s critically acclaimed ‘Third Movement’ label where the track ‘I Called You ’ became a break away hit.

Lenny Dee has also joined forces with DJ Promo - Holland’s number one Hardcore DJ / Producer to create a new label and new sound together - 'Industrial Movement' which features TERRORFAKT, DPassion, Acrosome, Def Affect, Life:Runs:Red and Lenny Dee and Promo’s – Electronic Pig

On the techno front, Lenny has recent releases with Chris Liberator & Darc Marc on the Liberator’s Underground label ‘Maximum / Minimum’ & Cluster as well as releases on France’s Gazole and Highway labels, UK’s Subvert, RAW with The Geezer, Powertools with ANT as well as tracks with Kay D Smith. Neuton in Germany have also released the 99.9 remixes of the classic IST track featuring mixes by John Selway, The Horrorist and Lenny Dee’s mix showcasing a Retro-Tek sound fusing techno with retro elements from Lenny’s Disco roots.

Lenny Dee continues to be booked regularly for Hardcore and Techno gigs around the world and is producing music from Hardcore to Electro. Lenny will continue to bring pleasure to audiences worldwide by pushing back the barriers of Electronic Music.

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Lenny Dee gave exclusive lectures at The School's (music production sessions) and hosted DJ SEMINAR 2002 on Thursday the 3rd of October.


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