DJ Chili

What/who inspired you to be a DJ?
music itself i believe. And living in London probably helped! I've always had this thing when i listen to tunes and just feels like some other one will just mix in sooo nicely with it or proper mash-up :)

What do you enjoy most about Djing?
The people giving their all on the dance floor. It pumps me up even more!!!

When you are not working which DJs would you go to see (Locally and internationally)?
Uhh...All of them!!!

What genre do you play at the moment?
DnB, looking to expand to breaks, funk, Dubstep.

How would you describe your style?
Energetic. You just want to dance your shoes off!!!!!

Do you prefer Vinyl, CD, or Midi Controllers and why?
VINYL all the way. I like the feel and sounds of vinyl. It's oldschool :

Top 5 All time Favorite tracks?
Tough one. They come with the memories... in no particular order.

John B - Elektro freak (trance n bass album)
Vanesa da Mata (Ramilson Maia) - Nao me deixe so
Mark Knight - Man with the red face
Sublime - Waiting for my Ruka
Tiga - Walk a mile in my shoes

Ok that's and extra one but it's so beautiful
Utah Jazz - Take no more

Top 10 Current favorite tracks?

ooohhh. This questions always get me. And again in no particular order.

Sia - My Love (Balkansky bootleg Remix)
Ed Rush & Optical - Chub Rub
Jamy Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial rmx)
Netsky - Memory Lane
Phaeleh - Afterglow
Pretty Lights - Finally Moving
Shapeshifter - Tapestry
Brookes Brothers - WarCry
Vent - Lunatics
Parov Stellar - Le Piaf

I had 10 more but it says top 10 not top however many favourites....Music is good!!!!!!

Are you working on any current projects at the moment?
Im my own project at the moment. I have couple more in mind for after, but cant tell you yet!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Somewhere even better than here and now!!! Keeping the international scale and networking i am positive it's it will work out

Any shoutouts?
And the list begins.... My mum, my best friend, my housemate/s, the people that showed me how to do spin, and all the people that believe in me...!!! :D

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