(USA - DMC World DJ Champion)


How long have you been on the decks?
About 15 Years.

What or who inspired you to become a battle DJ and which DJ Battle was your first?
Grandmaster Flash & Grandwizard Theodore from New York City. Also The Grandwizard Rashim & Grandmaster Mel from Philly. These were the first cats I've seen do this back in 81,82. My first real battle ever was the New Music Seminar in New York.

You were a dancer before you took on DeeJaying. Tell us a bit about the 'Franchise Dancers' and the move called 'Steppin'. Well before there was Breakin, it was called Steppin and it was a move something like Fred Estere would do. It was like tap dancing but more soulful. That was a Philly dance. From there on I went on to Break Dancing.

I was told that you first started on the Technics B-101's. What were they like to work with?
They were cool for the time, I thought they were the best turntables ever till I got hold of some 1200's.

When you came out in 88 World Finals and twisted the turntables around and used a small mixer, it seemed so weird at the time but it's now considered as the 'norm'. Were you the first to position the decks in that manner ?
Year, when I did that it was just convenient for me, I never knew it was going to be the norm.

Tell us a bit about the transformer scratch. I saw you on a video footage stating that DJ Spinbad invented the style. I know you perfected it with your speed. Tell us a bit about that.
DJ Spinbad from Philly was the first one ever to like break the sound up with the actual fader but he didn't call it a transformer. What he was doing didn't really sound like a transformer. He was the foundation for me to create that scratch. That was the claim of fame scratch that I did but theres other scratches that I did like the shiver scratch, mixing with jive rhythms tracks and like double beating the records.

Being from Philly, what do you think of DJ Jazzy Jeff and have you two ever battled?
No we've never battled but I respect his achievements. He was the first to put the transformer scratch on wax and that's why sometimes he gets the credit for it.

What do you think about the new techniques and styles of scratching that exist today like the flairs and crabs ?
The new scratches today, I think they're cool but they don't have no soul to them. It's just real technical, it's got no soul or flavour in it.

Where do you see turntablism going from now ?
When I came out I didn't think you could do anymore on turntables. Then they came out with the beat juggling and the flair stuff so I guess someone has to just invent a new style.

You're known not only as the living legend of the scratch but a true crate digging fiend. What do you look for when you go shopping?
Right now I'm looking for a lot of classics, the original 12" Breakbeats. I mean I'm just looking for some obscure stuff. I'm into a lot of sounds lately for my Production work.

You've made many hits with MC Marvelous & hosted many TV shows like MTV. Where do you see yourself going from now as a DJ/Producer and tell us a bit about your project with Biz Markee?
The Biz Markee project is still going ahead but it's a bit hard for me right now because I'm touring all around the world and always on the road.

Any other future projects?
Year, I'm coming out with these world series tapes. It's just like live shows of me in different parts of the world.

Do you have any other highlights apart from winning the NMS and DMC?
I've been awarded in the 'Technics hall of fame'. That's definitely a major highlight.

I've been told that you really rock the crowd with your club sets. Do you prefer doing club sets or battle sets?
I play for everybody man. I'm just a music lover. If you come to one of my shows to party, I mean that's what you're gonna do. But at the same time I've gotta show some skills too.

You've been looked up to as an icon since you've taken out the title in 88. Do you find it hard to live up to such a prestigious title ?
I never really gave it too much thought man. I've always called myself the world's greatest DJ but I'm trying to break away from calling myself a DJ. I'm an entertainer you know what I'm saying, there's a difference between somebody who just go to the store and buy some turntables and calls himself a DJ. I'm an entertainer, I entertain crowds.

Finally can you give us 5 all time favourite tracks.
Pete Rock 'Reminise'
Grandmaster Flash 'Super Rabbit'
Tribe 'Electric Relaxation'
TLA Rock 'It's Yours'
Cash Money and Marvelous 'Ugly People be quiet'