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2018 Australian DMC State Heats

::::::::::::::::: VIC DMC DJ Championships :::::::::::::::::

10th August @ Laundry Bar

1st : Patty B
2nd : Typhonic
3rd : NAT

::::::::::::::::: QLD DMC DJ Championships :::::::::::::::::

11th August @ Rumpus Room

1st : Nikk C
2nd : Sound Czech
3rd : Trusty Trevor

::::::::::::::::: ACT DMC DJ Championships :::::::::::::::::

18th August @ Transit Bar

1st : Chemi-Cal
2nd : Beats J
3rd : Luke James

::::::::::::::::: WA DMC DJ Championships ::::::::::::::::: 

19th August @ Universal Bar

1st : Midsole
2nd: Junior
3rd: Bace Kadet

::::::::::::::::: SA DMC DJ Championships :::::::::::::::::

24th August @ Duke of York

1st : Hob G
2nd : Beats J
3rd : Dreaded

::::::::::::::::: TAS DMC DJ Championships :::::::::::::::::

25th August @ Mobius Lounge Bar

1st - Max Best
2nd - DJ Mad
3rd - Rowdy Boi

::::::::::::::::: NSW DMC DJ Championships :::::::::::::::::

1st September @ Foundry 616

1st : Cost
2nd : Squat
3rd : Beats J

Australian National Finals 

Friday 7th September @ Laundry Bar (VIC) - (

This year to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary, DMC Australia kicked off the National Finals with a free seminar from Rane and United DJ Mixing School. The Seminar featured talks from Spell (2017 Online DMC World Champ) and Total Eclipse (X-ecutioners). Spell got on the mic and discussed how he put together routines and Total Eclipse gave some tips and tricks with a bit of history and then they both went onto showcasing on the new Rane 12’s and 72’s whilst explaining features. The Master also launched his Aussie Battle Wax “Ozploitation” at the Seminar. All attendees were then given free entry to the championships courtesy of Laundry Bar.

Shortly after doors opened, Total Eclipse warmed up the crowd showcasing his skills on the new Rane gear. Then the Master took the mic, gave the running order, thanked the sponsors and announced it was time for Battle ! Every competitor performed amazing sets that were well executed. The standard of the battle this year was extremely high with a lot of originality and creativity from many of the competetors. The crowd was loving every performance and the atmosphere was intense with the club at capacity!! It was definitely the best turnout for the National Finals in a very very long time.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::: The Finalists ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 









After all competetors performed their 6 min routines, the judges met at back to tally scores. Then DJ Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners) jumped on the Rane 12’s and 72’s again to show the crowd what they really made of X-Ecutioner style! DJ Spell was up next and he busted out all his fav routines and showed why he is the World Online DMC Champ ! Osyris followed with a routine to prove he still is the undefeated champ of Australia! The crowd was left in awe !
The crew then took time out to give tribute to DJ KUYA (OZ ITF Champ + Multiple VIC DMC Champ) who recently passed away and played a rare footage of him in his early dj battle days on the screens! The crowd gave full respect as they watched the Melbourne Legend doing what he did best! RIP DJ KUYA !

It was then time for the results!! Head judge handed the results over tallied up in the traditional format and the points were as follows :

1st Midsole : 281 Points
2nd Wallzee : 279 Points
3rd Nikk C : 203 Points


Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners)
Spell (2017 Online World Champ)
Dexter (4 X Australian DMC Champ)
Perplex (3 X Australian DMC Champ)
J Red (ITF X-Perimenatal Category World Champ)
Broke (2015 Australian DMC Champ)
Osyris (2 X Australian DMC Champ)

 The final results of the 2018 Australian DMC DJ Championships are as follows:

1st : Midsole (WA)

2nd: Wallzee (VIC)

3rd: Nikk C (QLD)

2018 Australian DMC DJ Championships FULL Videos will be posted on DMC Australia's youtube channel soon! Subscribe here:

Special thanks to all involved in this year’s championships:



DJ Elev9

David Le photography

Erjan Photo

Matt at SR Promotions  

Touring Act and our Marketing partner for RANE :  

Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners, ITF World Champ)

Big thanks to our state promoters :

Laundry Bar (VIC)

Joint Adventure (NSW)

Rumpus Room + Junkyard Sessions (QLD)

KP Records (ACT)

Duke of York (SA)

Rappfox (WA)

Mobius (TAS)

and our Partner at the National Finals - Dave Barrett @ Laundry Bar

Finally, thank you to our sponsors who made the 2018 Australian DMC DJ Championships possible:

Media Partner KISS FM : 

Rane : 
Numark :
Ortofon :
Shure :
Concert AV :
Digilog Studios : 
Cold Fresh Apparel : 
Power Music (Perth) -
Twisted Pair Productions (Brisbane) -
Bump Productions (Sydney) -
Clinic 116 (Adelaide) - 
X-Ecutioners : 
United DJ Mixing School :

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The longest running worldwide competition “The DMC DJ Championships” is back for 2016 and will be touring the country with Heats in every state this August. All state champs will battle it out at the National Finals on the 9th September in Melbourne.DMC reached our shores in 1988 and gave many Australian DJs an opportunity to showcase their talents on a world stage. Many past Australian DMC Champs have made a long lasting career in this very competitive industry. This year, DMC Australia is joining forces with the X-Ecutioner himself Total Eclipse and the crew is on the hunt to find the next Australian DMC Champion who will fly to London and represent Australia at the 2016 World DMC DJ Championships in September.  
Broke of NSW won the Australian Championships last year, the first DJ from NSW to win the Australian Title since Samrai in 2001. Let’s see if he can do it once again. Many new talented DJs as well as established DJs will be entering in every state to take on their reigning state champion and fight for the crown. We wish everyone entering this year the best of luck. Let the battles begin !!

The state heats kick off with the ACT Championships on Friday 13th August at Transit Bar, Canberra followed by VIC, QLD, WA, NSW and SA. The Australian National Finals will be held on 9th September at Laundry Bar and will feature performances from Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners) and I-Dee (DMC Online World Champ).


ACT – 13th August @ Transit Bar

VIC – 19th August @ Laundry Bar
QLD – 26th August @ Hot Gossip
WA - 28th August @ Babushka
NSW – 1st September @ Play Bar

SA – 2nd September @ The Stag


Friday 9th September @ Laundry Bar (VIC) - (
Featuring performances by : Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners) and I-Dee (DMC Online World Champ).

Pic: Broke (NSW) Wins the 2015 Australian DMC DJ Championships

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The results of the 2014 Australian DMC State Heats are :

VIC – Saturday 2nd August @ The Laundry Bar (

1st: Rellik 

2nd: The Master

3rd: Lone Wolf

NSW – Thursday 7th August @ Play Bar (

1st: Broke 

2nd: Typhonic

3rd: Mat Wonder

ACT – Friday 8th August @ Transit Bar (

1st : Skully

2nd : Sandman

3rd : Seshun

QLD – Friday 15th August @ Coniston Lane (

1st: Wil K

2nd: NiKK C

3rd: Plotskione

SA - Saturday 23rd August @ Bar (

1st: Snair

2nd: Dart

3rd: Lotek

WA - Sunday 24th August @ Ya Ya's (

1st: Midsole

2nd: Beni Chill

3rd: Defyre


Saturday 30th August @ Laundry Bar (VIC) - (

The Finalists :

Rellik (VIC)

Broke (NSW)

Skully (ACT)

Wil K (QLD)

Snair (SA)

Midsole (WA)

and defending champ B.Two (VIC)

The order of performance was picked randomly, except for the top 3 placing from last year and the defending champ that went on last. MC Reason took the mic, laid out the rules and running order, then all competitors performed their 6 min sets. Everyone did their best with no technical issues, production was tight and the whole night ran smoothly. The judges scores were tallied while DJ Kuya performed a Native Instruments showcase set.  Following up was  DJ Total Eclipse, who performed a classic X-Ecutioners showcase set which brought the house down ! The winners was then announced followed by a club set by DJ Peril.

The National Final Judges :

Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners, NYC)

Dexter (4 X Aust DMC Champ)

J-Red (ITF World Champ)

Perplex (3 X Aust DMC Champ)

KC (3 X Aust DMC Champ)

Kuya (Australasian ITF Champ)

Dizar (UK DMC DJ Team Champ)

Competitors were judged on the following criteria : Technical Juggle, Technical Scratch, Creativity, Musicality, Crowd Response, and Execution. 

Each judge selected their top 3 and scores we're tallied up with the following format : (1st place = 3 points. 2nd place = 2 points. 3rd place = 1 point)


1st (3pts)

2nd (2pts)

3rd (1pts)

Total Eclipse










Broke/ Btwo



Midsole/ Btwo


Wil k




Wil k

J Red








1st - Btwo



2nd - Midsole



3rd - Broke



4th - Wil K



The final results of the 2014 Australian DMC DJ Championships are as follows:

1st place: B.two (Defending Champ, VIC)

2nd place: Midsole (WA)

3rd place: Broke (NSW)

Special thanks to our assistants on tour : 

Jess Middleton and Simon Lamplough who made things happen.


Jess Middleton

David Meagher

Manic Productions 

Adam Schipano

Headlining Acts : 

MC : Reason 

Total Eclipse (X-Ecutioners, NYC)

Kuya (Australasian ITF Champ)

Big thanks to our state promoters :

David Barret (VIC)

Randee and Raine Supreme (NSW)

Libby Kilby and Kim de la Haye (QLD)

David Parsons (ACT)

Adam Daze (SA)

Gav Bentley (WA)

and our Partner at the National Finals - Dave Barrett @ Laundry Bar

Finally, thank you to our sponsors who made the 2014 Australian DMC DJ Champonships possible:

High Stakes Apparel :

New Era :

Monkey Shoulder Whiskey :

Lunatic Productions :

Shure :

Native Instruments :

Traktor :


Concert AV :

Twisted Pair :

Brizbass :

Showtime :

Power Music :

United DJ Mixing School :

A  DVD covering the finals event will be released with interviews and extras. Please keep updated on our web sites:

Facebook :




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Contact : or


Technical Category

1. Vekked (Canada)
2. Topic (France)
3. Odilon (Belgium)
4. Ritchie Ruftone (UK)
5. RM (Brasil)
6. Esquire (USA)
7. S Trix (Germany)
8. Bicchio (Italy)
9. Lowa (Czech Rep)
10. Pan Zimna Łapa (Poland)
11. Sonny (Indonesia)

Show Category

1. Steave Nash & Funktion (Poland)
2. Beat Bombers (Portugal)
3. Skillz Machine (Belgium)
4. Ken One (Japan)
5. Bigger Banger Theory (Portugal)
6. Trouble Team (Czech Republic)
7. DJ RM & Eric Jay (Brasil)
8. DJ 2Fresh (Italy)
9. Rasp (UK)
10. Arkaei (Germany)
11. Ethnitronic CREW (Indonesia)


results of the 2011 IDA World DJ Championships are :

Technical Category:
1st Cross (Belgium)
2nd Dj Skillz (France)
3rd S-Trix (Germany)

Show Category:
1st BeatBombers (Portugal)
2nd Czarny & Tas (Poland)
3rd Dj Topic (France)





The 2009 IDA World DJ Championships was held in Krakow, Poland on the 12th December.
The results we're as follows:

Technical Category

1st : Co-Ma - Japan
2nd: MandrayQ - Italy
3rd: S-Trix - Germany
4th: Zeke - Australasia

Show Category

1st : Scratch Busters - Italy
2nd: Deckpackers - Germany
3rd: Trauma Team - France

more details soon....


1st. Place - DJ Zeke (W.A)
2nd Place - DJ Impact (NZ)

The ITF DJ Battle was founded in 1996 to highlight and categorise different skills the DJs had. Past world champs include Babu, Craze, Infamous, I-Emerge, A Track, Woody, Tigerstyle, and Rafik. Past team champs include X-Ecutioners, Beat Junkies, Allies, and Invisibl Skratch Piklz (Q Bert, Mix Master Mike, and Shortkut). In 2006 all chapters across the globe decided the need for a change with new formats and new rules and hence the changes.

ITF chapters have changed to IDA (International DJ Association). The competitors will have 2 minute rounds each going head to head working their way up to the final round battling for the title “2009 IDA Australasian DJ Champion” and to represent at the world finals in Krakow, Poland on 12th Dec 2009. In the same format as last year, we are opening our doors to our asian neighbours for an exclusive invitational battle with only 1 wildcard entry.

The battle took place on Saturday 28th November at Zen, Auckland New Zealand. This was the first year the Australasian DJ Championships was held in New Zealand and it was quite a showdown at the final round with Australia's Vice DMC Champ DJ Zeke going up against New Zealand's 2 X DMC Champ DJ Impact. They both showed incredible skills and originality but it was down to the judges and after the incredibly hard task of judging one of the tightest rounds the winner was announced taking $7,000 in in prizes thanks to DENON and ROCKSHOP.

DJ Zeke walked away with NEW DENON DNS3700 Kit which included:

2 x DNS3700 CD / MP3 players / controllers; 1 x DNX1100 4 Channel DJ Mixer; and 1 x DNHP700 headphones. R.R.P : $7284.00

Zeke will now be flown to Poland to represent Australasia at the 2009 IDA World DJ Championships on the 12th December 2009. We wish him the best of luck!! We had a chance to have a chat to him before he left. Click here for the interview..

More pics at :

Videos to be uploaded soon.. keep posted to this site!


Highlights from the
2008 IDA Australasian Championships


2009 World Championships - Promo Video

featuring :




Technical Category

1. Rob Bankz (GER)

2. Shiftee (USA)

3. Mandrayq (ITALY)





The official oz chapter of the infamous ITF DJ Battle is back in town with a new look, new format, and even a new name. The ITF was founded in 1996 to highlight and categorise different skills the DJs had. Past world champs include Babu, Craze, Infamous, I-Emerge, A Track, Woody, Tigerstyle, Rafik, and J Red. Past team champs include X-Ecutioners, Beat Junkies, Allies, and Invisibl Skratch Piklz (Q Bert, Mix Master Mike, and Shortkut).

In 2006 all chapters across the globe decided the need for a change with new formats and new rules and hence the changes. ITF chapters (International Turntablist Federation) is now known as IDA (International DJ Association).
Australia has not seen a head to head DJ Battle since 2005 and we are proud to announce it's return at the arts capital of Australia, Melbourne. In celebration of the return we are inviting our Asian neighbors to make this event an exclusive battle of the whole South Asian region. The DJs have just 2 minutes to showcase their skills in knock out rounds going head to head. As Mix Master Mike once stated “I much prefer the head to head format as it is more spontaneous and sporadic”. Not to take away anything from our first religion DMC where it is more mainstream and showcase format..  this format is simply a more underground style of battling. Hence we have chosen Melbourne’s underground hip hop venue “First Floor"

Competetors include : DJ Impact (2008 New Zealand DMC DJ Champion), DJ Perplex (2006,07,08 Australian DMC DJ Champ), DJ Zeke (2008 Australian DMC runner up), DJ B2Wo (2007 Australian DMC runner up/ 08 VIC DMC Champ), DJ Osyris S.A (2008 VIC DMC Runner Up), DJ Elev8 (2008 DMC VIC 3rd Place), DJ Typhonic (2008 NSW DMC 2nd place), DJ Kilo (skratchfest2007 champ), DJ Tune, DJ Code, DJ n.Cision and DJ Dizar (Back from U.K). All competing for the prestigious title “2008 IDA Australasian DJ Champion” and to represent at the World Finals in Warsaw, Poland on the 12th Dec.

Support acts for the night include the emerging talent of the Melbourne City Duo of Mike Justice and J Funk, and RKS. The jam will continue till 6AM with club sets from Staen 1 (3 X Aust DMC DJ Champ), DJ Sheep (3 X QLD DMC Champ), Son (NSW ITF/Scribble Jam Champ), Sum1 (former Australasian ITF Champ), A$K (Australia’s first ITF Champ), and Kareem (Official Referee/ Party Rocker). There will also be a special tribute to a fallen veteran of Australian Hip Hop DJ Bribe (R.I.P) hosted by his home boy DJ Sheep (Turntable Jediz). For more info visit

Fri 28th Nov at First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. > 8PM - 6AM < battle start 9PM sharp!

RSVP on Facebook for V.I.P Entry :

Early bird Tix $15 + B.F available at

Event : 2008 IDA Australasian DJ Championships
Where : First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. VIC
When : Friday, 28th November 2008 (8PM - 6AM)
Cost : $15 presale, $20 at door.

More info :


RBK INTERNATIONAL DJ ASSOCIATION WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is one of the most important music events of the upcoming months. Apart from exciting dj competition we will have a chance to see performances from the best turntablists in the world who will prepare special shows with live bands.
Perfect combination of turntables and live instruments will attract a wide range of audience from jazz listeners, through funk lovers to the real hip-hop fans.

With the support of companies like RBK, 7 DAYS, G - SHOCK, RED BULL and the help of Municipality of Cracow this event will take place on December the 8th in Krakow, Poland. Countries taking part this year so far are ISRAEL, SPAIN, ITALY, GERMANY, AUSTRIA, CZECH, SLOVAKIA, POLAND, IRLEAND, AND FRANCE. World Final prizes will be provided by Reebok, G Shock, Mixvibes, Ecler, Akai, UDG, Shure and Personus. As other countries including Japan and Australia are in transition from ITF, they will take part in the following year 2008 which promises to be the biggest yet! For more info visit or

Official Australian ITF/IDA Web Sites : and new site under construction

Email for entry details or sponsorship enquiries on 2008 ITF/IDA Australian DJ Championships.

GERMANY WINS THE 2007 DMC World DJ Championships


1st: Rafik (Germany)
2nd: Yasa (Japan)
3rd: Fly (France)

On Sunday the 7th of October 2007 DJ Rafik took out the DMC World Title and brought the Gold Decks back to germany after 16 years since DJ David in 1991. It was a definate clear cut win for Rafik who allready had 5 World Champion titles under his belt in the ITF DJ Championships. Rafik also was the first DJ to take out 3 categories of the ITF in one year. more details and interview coming soon......

:: 2007 DMC World DJ Championships ::

It's that time of year again and the 2007 DMC World DJ Championships are well on their way with some countries having hosted their finals and their champions ready to take on the rest of the world! Countries competing this year are : Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mauritius, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK, United Arab Emirates (GCC), and USA. The World Finals will take place at the home of DMC, London UK on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th October @ Indigo2. The battle tools allowed in this comp is one set of Technics SL1210 MK2 turntables, one mixer with no effects or modifications and stylus only in the Ortofon range (due to the large cash prize sponsorship). This restriction caused a bit of a stir last year but tablists this year are learning to live with it and getting on with the show. The winners will receive prizes from Technics, Ortofon and CK One, with the overall champion taking the ultimate prize back to their country, The Golden Technics Turntables, Ortofon’s prize of $10,000 and last but not least the title DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPION. Winners so far :

Main Battle Winner Supremacy Battle Winner Winning Team
JFB Switch  
United Arab Emirates
Gilbert - Kuwait    
DJ Pimp Pimp Golfinger Crew
Crossfingaz Crossfingaz  

The Australian DMC DJ Championships took place on the 17th August 2007 at Metro Nightclub Melbourne with Live Acts Ilzilla, Phrase, and DJ Flagrant. Competetors were A-Style (VIC), Zeke (WA), Skoob and B 2wo (NSW), Buik (ACT), Snair (QLD), and defending champion Perplex.
The results were as follows:

1st Place (Defending Champ - Perplex), 2nd Place (Snair - QLD), and 3rd Place (B 2wo - R.Hill, NSW).


AUSTRALIA WINS ! (Experimental Category)

DJ J Red is officially the first Australian to win the World DJ Championships. The new X-Perimental category was launched this year at the Australian ITF DJ Championships (HOME Sydney) and J Red won the category hands down with his 'word first' VDJ Routine. The introduction of this category this year proved that with the help of technology, this category can take this artform to a level never imagined. On Saturday 17th December J Red made history and took out the ITF World DJ Championships in Prague. There was more than 30 DJs from 15 nations competing in 5 categories: Advancement, Beatjuggling, Scratching, Experimental Class, and Teams. We managed to interrupt his celebrations for a brief interview ...

Firstly tell us how you’re feeling at the moment.
Absolutely blown away! Ive accomplished one of my wildest dreams, It really is a great feeling.

What does the ITF World title mean to you ?
Well it’s the most esteemed DJ/Turntablist World Championships fully dedicated to the the advancement of the DJ culture throughout 35 or so countries. It’s up there alright, I took out the new x perimental catgory which is pretty dope! Its a great thing to conquer.

Tell us a bit about why you wanted to go into the x perimental category?
It’s new and exciting, you’re not bound to just 2 turntables and a 2 channel battle mixer. I entered in the Australian with the Pioneer DVJ unit, it’s essentially a DVD turntable, also armed with a World first ‘Battle record DVD’, which contains sound samples as well as visual samples from movies, etc. To get all the visuals spot on I got talking to Rob Ride who has done some of the maddest animation and visuals at different events all over Melbourne, we got working on it thinking it would be good to fill up the movie samples with some 3d animations, By the time I had gotten to the world finals I had a 4th version of the set complete with some crazy 3d stuff that looks great when cut-up. I did something completely different and caught the whole world off-guard, but at the same time its been sitting waiting to be done.. properly! That is..

What inspires you keep training after 11 wins ?
I just love the beats, and manipulating old to new. I love battling, I love scratching, juggling, dissing!.. im a junkie for this stuff, man I need help! But seriously I have 11 Australian DJ Championship titles between the ITF, Vestax, DMC teams, Quiksilver comp. I love how every comp has different angles of approach, for instance ITF and Vestax are like the Turntablist Olympics, DMC is more of straight up showcase style, I also took out the Australian Quiksilver DJ comp which was a quik mixing club set comp which is more DJ mixing orientated,. I try to push myself to excel in all areas of being a Performance DJ, I like the pressure, the hard yards practicing, the sleepless nights, Really I do!!!! Haha!

Who are your influences ?
To many to name really, but, for my first ten DJs I heard or saw that influenced me were –

1) Chris ‘The Glove’ Taylor – first dj I saw scratch!
2) Grandmaster flash – ‘Adventures’ First real Dj mix I heard
3) Jam Master Jay – RUN...RUN.RUN.RUN.RUN ahh goosebumps..
4) Jazzy Jeff – the scratch track ‘A touch of jazz’ brilliant!
5) Terminator x – The original tweak transformer king!
6) Mantronik – Some early Stab transform combos, still ill!
7) Ca$h money – Still rockin shows round the globe years on!
8) Alladin – West coast transforms and word plays killin ish!
9) Cut creator - I used to love his uptempo cuts on LL shit!
10) Dr.Dre – World class wrekin crew was dope, NWA sucked!

Do you think the VDJ thing will catch on to other tablists next year and where do you see this whole technology heading?
Oh hell yeah, already im getting emails asking heaps of questions about editing and sequencing etc,.. I also think it’s a great thing for DJs and turntablists, but like anything you can abuse it or do it justice. It opens up a new realm for us all, hey who knows T.V and Movie production companies might be calling us up to do editing work, or we can focus on doing bigger live shows with the visual aspect etc.. The only limitation is youre imagination…

What do you think of the standards at the world itf’s and did you have any favorite competitors ?
Yeah the comp has stepped up a notch every year,. Its very fierce and competitive, the routines are absolutely insane. Everyone is pressing up there own records which I think is great, its give people a lot more freedom to be more musical,.. and finally I don’t want to name favorites that not nice!! Haha!

You’re the first Australian World Champion and you’ve definitely put us on the map. Will you retire after this or keep competing ?
Ill be doing a lot of showcases around the globe this year- Asia, Europe etc, lets see if I have time, I will give it a crack again though!

Where can we see you play ?
You can catch me at ALL GOOD! @ First floor (Melbourne) on Wednesdays if you’re down to party.

Click Here for J-Red's full Bio ...

:: 2005 ITF World Finals Review ::
Courtesy of Amir (ITF Germany)

As you all know, on saturday the 17th of december, the ITF Wolrd DJ Championships had been hold in Prague / Roxy. The venue looked quite nice, the choice of competitors was unique and the audience including the judges were celebrating a damn fresh party. Even the Friday was more than funny and was worth to tell a lot of stories about, but we would rather keep it low and focus on the important topics – the battles.
Like we mentioned before, the competitors field represented the half globe, so that every DJ from Japan to Australia, through Europe and to the US was hanging around there – ready to compete. The mood was very good and it is worth to say, that all competing DJs behaved very familar. That is the way it sould be done !!!

After the Elimination Battles for the Adv.Class a lot of interesting couples to battle each other were left. The whole niveau and quality of the battles had been very high and it is more tham hard to mention highlights, because every single battle already was highlight.
But you can believe, that there had been a few actions, that have been the pure gold, shining on the whole audience and let them go crazy.
In the semi finals DJ Pro Zeiko (Germany) beat DJ Sensay(Switzerland) and DJ Craim (Italy) opened the exit door for DJ Sil Cuts (UK). In the finals round it was a close battle again. DJ Craim did really hot DJ routines, useless to mention that all of his routines had been pure platinum, but DJ Pro Zeiko did a little bit better and so he won the crown in the KING SIZE discipline.

The team battle routine of the french DJs ( DJ Pfel, DJ Greem, DJ Atom, DJ 20Syl ) called C2C let definately the earth quake in Prague for at least six minutes. Total crazy shit, everybody was astonished, a sound and stage performance like this, you only get once in 10 Years. No Joke !!! Even if there was the 3rd world war going on, all people would have put down their weapons, just to listen to DJ Team Action.
The opponent team Scrape Tacticians from Germany really had no chance. No way!!!
But they also did a good routine.

Another hellfire was started in the Experimental Class. DJ J-Red from Australia showed what is possible with a DVJ Player. He let visuals dancing on the screens while doing a musical composition. It was the first time a DJ used a DVD Scratch equipment at the ITF Battles. Thank you J-Red, you opened new doors for all of us and reached the next Level.

The finals of the scratching category had been interesting too. The multi World Champion DJ Rafik from Germany, had really hard opponents. One guy, from US, called DJ-Idee, was a really enrichment this year as well as the European Champion DJ Unkut.
Everybody could see, that “Scratching” is not any disease or an animal from outer space - No, they showed the audience beat cuts from higher level and scratch combinations, of an enormous level of difficulty. The last year defending Champion DJ Rafik did it again, but DJ Unkut was really near to kick his ass from the throne.

The same for the Beatjuggling Category. Again, battles in higher dimensions. DJ Pro Zeiko (Germany), DJ Pfel (France), DJ Color (Italy) and DJ Hara (Japan) extracted the audience eardrums, while creating new beats. DJ Pro Zeiko from Germany was the moste creative one, and diserved to take the title. No wonder, having sets like this. Unfortunately DJ Pfel was not really on point and did a few small mistakes. For those with fantasy, knew what he wanted to show , but even bad luck is an ordinary vistor of the DJ battles.

Of course the showcases of the judges set the whole venue on fire. DJ Netik (France) event didn´t want to stop scratching, DJ Tigerstyle (UK), like always, made the impossible things possible, DJ Flip (Ireland) let napalm flow on his turntables, the Beatjuggling routine of Kid Fresh (Germany) is still on a stratospheric level and DJ Tayone (Italy) caused a traffic jam in whole Prague, by using his footpedal connected to the Turntables. GOD damn HOT !!!

In total it was a big happening and an important step for turntablism again to let the world know: We are here and we will stay forever. There is no limit for creativity.

And here we go with the results:

Advancement Class : Scratching : Beatjuggling : Experimental Class : Teams :

1. DJ Pro Zeiko (Ger)

1. DJ Rafik (Ger) 1. DJ ProZeiko (Ger) 1. DJ J-Red (Aus) 1. C2C (Fra)
2. DJ Craim (Ita) 2. Unkut (Ger) 2. Pfel (C2C, Fra) 2. Five (Czech republic) 2. Scrape Tacticians (Ger)

Congratulations to all the winners, thanx a lot to all visitors and involved people. Without yours support it wouldn´t have been possible to do that. And a word to our sponsors:




:: The 2005 ITF World DJ Championships ::

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The 2005 ITF World DJ Championships will take place this December the 17th Prag – Club Roxy / Dlouhá 33, Praha 1 with NON PHIXION on december 18th. Judges this year will be DJ Tigerstyle (UK), DJ Netik ( FRA), DJ Kid Fresh (GER), DJ Flip (IRE), and DJ Tayone (ITA). There will be more than 30 DJs from 15 nations competing in 5 categories – Adv. Class, Beatjuggling, Scratching, Experimental Class, and Teams. Competetors are as follows :

Adancement Class:
J-Red ( Australia ), Chrisfader ( Austria ), Five ( CZ ), Pro Zeiko ( Germany ), Gem ( Ireland ), Crime ( Italy ), Eprom ( Poland ), Nel´ Assassin ( Portugal ), Tedu ( Spain ), Sensay ( Swiss ), Slik Cuts ( UK ), Tomoyoshi ( Japan ), Freek ( South Korea ), Or d Oevre ( France )
C2C ( France ), Scrape Tacticians ( Germany )
Unkut ( Germany ), I-Dee ( USA ), Rafik ( Germany )
Pro Zeiko ( Germany ), Color ( Italy ), Hara ( Japan ), Pfel ( France )
Experimental Class:
Shot ( Italy ), J-Red ( Australia ), Five ( CZ )

Entrance costs: 10,-€ presale / 8,-€ with Hip Hop Kemp 05 Ticket / 13,-€ normal entry

Dublin – The Village / 20th of November 2005

On November 20th the ITF European Category Battles were held in Dublin. The venue was called “The Village” and was a really good choice. It was very clean and comfortable – a lot of comfy couches, plenty of drinks and quite friendly faces on the ladies who had been waiting along with the rest of the audience for fresh DJ Battles, Showcases and Hip Hop Artists. It was a bonanza for everybody! Nowonder then that that the crowd filled the entire venue and really got into party mode!

Unfortunately the weather outside the isle created some trouble which ment that some flights were cancelled and the C2C crew, DJ Pfel and DJ Color could not attend the competition. The only possibility was to hi-jack a plane to bring them over to the green isle but in times like these perhaps that would not have been the best idea. But this is life so unfortunately we did not have them at the competition. Not even Gandalf wouldnt have been able to help. But anyway….

The battles were very interesting and there was a lot of young, fresh talented DJs of which we will hear more about in the future I am sure. Lets start with DJ Gem : a 16 year old warhorse representing Ireland. Although he looks harmless and very inconspicuous he is a powerful and professional DJ with routines that simply melt the vinyl in 3 minutes! For all who love turntablism this was great to see. You can bet your entire family that we will see him for at least the next two years of the ITF World Finals.

Another surprise was the IFC DJ Crew from Belgium. They only had a few days left to generate a 6 minute routine but really delivered the goods. They did not win but nonetheless with more time they surely would have been serious contenders for first place.

Last but not least the french competitor in the Scratching Category named R.Ash has to be mentioned. What an interesting character! Firstly, he has to be the first competitor in ITF history to arrive without a mixer and second, he had little concerns about the mixer and turntable set-up and just used what was already there for the competitor before him – it was like he was using his own set of decks at home! He showed us great scratching skills and, to be sure, we will see this guy again.

Of course, the judges ( LoF Crew & DJ Flip ) did great Showcases as well. Specifically DJ Flip : he was so amazing that the audience completly went mad. His stage presence is contagious this DJ is a real funny guy who delivers really heavy turntable shit every time. Routines that make earth quake. You should do a party with him as you’ll be guaranteed to have the evening won!

The biggest winners were the German DJs this year. Except for the title of the Experimental Class,which was won by DJ Shot from Italy. All the other category titles were won by DJs from Germany (the country where the government is presenting the cabinet of political horrors and where the word Deadlock is looming.

It’s sad to be finished with the competition but there is good news too and here it is – The Winners!:

Scratching: Beatjuggling: Teams:

Experimental Class:

1. DJ Unkut (Ger) 1. DJ Pro Zeiko (Ger) 1. Scrape Tacticians (Ger) 1. DJ Shot (Ita) 
2. DJ Eprom (Pol) 2. DJ Pistolet (Pol) 2. IFC Crew (Bel)  
3. DJ R.Ash (Fra) 3. DJ Gem (Ire) 3. Ghostbusters (Aut)  
4. DJ Savage (Ire) 4. DJ Testa (Aut)
5. DJ Käptn Kutt (Aut)
Review courtesy of Amir (ITF Germany)

HOME Sydney / 27th October 2005


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The 2005 Australian ITF DJ Championships took place at HOME Sydney on the 27th October 2005. ITF Australia had 2 Major heats this year : “South Coast Regional Finals” where South Australia and Western Australia was invited to battle in Victoria and “North Coast Regional Finals” where Queensland and ACT was invited to battle in NSW. The ITF had 5 Categories this year and struggled with time to get through it all in the one night but managed to stage a successful battle in the end with some amazing pool of talent. DJ’s from across Australia came to battle for the crown of the new Australian ITF DJ Champion. DJ Stanley (The current Advancement Category Champion) from Sydney had retired from Battling and decided not to defend. However DJ J Red (The Current Scratching Category Champion) from Melbourne decided to defend so he was automatically placed in the top 4 in that category at the National Finals.
So first up the South Coast Regional Heats took place on the 20th October at Hi Fi Bar, Melbourne and the competitors were as follows:
DJ Deltoid (VIC), DJ Osyris (VIC), Bogues (VIC), ELEV8 (VIC), G-SMOOTH (VIC), MASH*MARROW (VIC), DJ B-Two (WA), DJ Edo (VIC), Perplex (VIC), J Red (VIC), Danny Cool (VIC), DJ Sum-1 (SA), Fingertrix (Teams). Judges on the night were DJ Rafik (Current ITF World DJ Champion), Mark N (Previous ITF Title Holder), and Prowler (Nuff Said Records). There was no questioning the credibility of the judges and the competitors knew they were in for a fair but tuff battle. A few local acts warmed up the night as the DJ’s got warmed up back stage. The battle commenced at 10PM and went right through to 3AM with knock out rounds for Scratching, Beat Juggling and Advancement Categories. J Red was the only X Perimental entrant and he showcased his 4 Minute VDJ routine at the end of the night which amazed all the judges and the patrons.

All in all the night showcased incredible talent but only the top 2 from each category would go to the National Finals in Sydney and the results were as follows :
Scratching Beat Juggling Advancement X-Perimental
1st.G Smooth 1st.Perplex 1st.J Red 1st.J Red
2nd.Perplex 2nd.Mash Marrow 2nd.G Smooth

The following week on the 27th October, it was time for the North Coast Regional heats and the National Finals at the largest club in the Southern Hemisphere, HOME Sydney. All North Coast competitors were told to meet at the club at 5PM for sound check and elimination rounds. The competitors were as follows :
Samrai (NSW), Eko (NSW), Skoob (NSW), x-divide (NSW), Morphix (QLD), DIGITS (NSW), Broken Sword (NSW), DJ DIZAR (NSW), DJ Son (NSW), NIKK-C (QLD), Jez Jonson (NSW), endo (NSW), Maths and Skoob (Teams).
Once again the quality of the competitors was apparent with majority of DJs having many previous battle scars and the tension was felt across the room. But they all knew they were going to be judged by the world’s best so there was no room for errors or nervous mistakes. It was a simple make or break in the eliminations. The 3 Judges were Rafik (Current ITF World DJ Champion), Revolution (Producer Extraordinaire, CA. USA), and Raw (3 X NZ DMC Champion). These judges knew what was at stake for these competitors and seemed very serious about their job at hand. The night kicked off at 9PM with the head to head rounds for the North Coast Advancement Heats and the results were relayed as follows :

Scratchin Beat Juggling Advancement X-Perimental
1st.Samrai 1st.Son 1st.Skoob 1st.Samrai
2nd.Morphix 2nd.Broken Sword 2nd.Broken Sword 2nd.Nick C

When the infamous Rodney O (Who was the MC for Australia’s first ever DMC DJ Battle in 1989) took the mic, he laid down the rules and all competitors were wound up to start the Australian Finals. The Final Competitors were as follows : Samrai (NSW), Morphix (QLD), Son (NSW), Broken Sword (NSW), Skoob (NSW), Nick C (QLD), G Smooth (VIC), Perplex (VIC), Mash Marrow (VIC), J Red (VIC), Fingertrix (VIC), Maths and Skoob (NSW).
As the club slowly filled up with patrons excited to witness a National Battle, which Sydney was deprived of for so many years, the competitors psyched themselves backstage knowing this was going to be one of the toughest battles yet. The Scratching Category was the first to go down with one 90 Second round to find the top 3. Samrai, Perplex, G Smooth and Morphix gave it all they had and Morphix was knocked out leaving the top 3 to battle J Red (Defender). Then it was time for the Semi Finals where one more 90 second knock out rounds with the top 4 left Samrai and J Red to the final round. The first 2 minute round was intense but in the second round Samrai decided to give the defending champion one of his turntables to showcase a single deck routine that brought the house down. The judges made their decision but the final results were to be announced at the end of the night leaving the crowd anticipating for more.
Juggling Category was next up and Son, Mash Marrow, Perplex and Broken Sword gave their best in their 90 second semi final round. Perplex and Son knocked out the others and went head to head for 2 Minutes in the 2 Final rounds. Son clearly won the first round and Perplex clearly won the second leaving the judges no alternative except to draw a tie. It was then announced that they were to battle it out one more round to break the tie. In a pure spontaneous format of the ITF they both had to pull out an unexpected routine to battle each other one last time.
The Advancement category which combines both the scratching and Juggling was up next. J Red battled Broken Sword while Skoob battled G Smooth in the Semi Finals. The Finalists was announced and the Stage heated up as Skoob from Newcastle battled J Red from Melbourne in the category that would take them overseas to represent Australia in the World Championships. Skoob was definitely the crowd favorite but J red had some comebacks with skills to match. However there can only be one winner and the judges made their choice after the 2 incredible rounds.
Up next was the new X-Perimental Category and first up was Nick C from QLD using a foot pedal and PC to loop and overlay his sounds simulating a one man band. The routine was tight as he creatively utilizes the pitch control to make the melodies and juggled over his orchestrated sounds. Samrai was up next using only a sampling workstation to create his beats, basslines and melodies. His remixing of tracks included everything from Men at Work’s “Land Down Under” to the latest r&b hits. Then it was announced that J Red would do something that is a ‘world first’ and to the crowd and judge’s amazement his VDJ Routine was truly a visual spectacle. All in all they all proved that with the help of technology, this category can take this artform to a level never imagined.
The final category was Teams and after a long night of battling the 2 teams recouped some energy and showed off their 6 Minute routines.
The Winners was then finally announced with the results as follows :

Australian National Finals Winners:

Scratching Beat Juggling Advancement  X-Perimental Teams 
Larger Pic Larger Pic Larger Pic Larger Pic
1st. Samrai 1st. Perplex 1st. J Red 1st. J Red 1st. Fingertrix
2nd. J Red 2nd. Son 2nd. Skoob 2nd. Samrai 2nd. Maths & Skoob

Congratulations to all the winners who received over $25,000 in Prizes thanks to the ITF sponsors :

Stanton, Denon, Shure, Vestax, Final Scratch, Ableton Live, Pro X Fade, and Reebok.

DJ J Red will be representing Australia in Advancement and X-Perimental Categories at the ITF World Finals on the 17th December at the famous ROXY in Prague, Czech Republic. For updates visit


Review by KC, Photos courtesy of Bindi Cole



Flyer It was that time again ! The infamous battle for the more serious tablists. The ITF offers different categories to highlight different skills the DJs have. Each category defined different skills on the turntable. The Juggler (Someone who is good with eye/ hand co-ordination combined with speed and precision to make the 2 decks and a mixer play like a Drum Kit). The Scratcher (Someone who makes melodic tunes by manipulating a sound on the record with forward, back and pause motions that gives different tones dependant on the speed. Combined with the fader motions on the mixer in relation to the beat, creates all the different variants of scratching). This December Germany saw many champions from countries across the globe flying to the world finals to battle it out for the prestigious title of being the World ITF DJ Champion. The unique aspects of this battle is what attracts many turntablists. "I much prefer the head to head style of battles as it is more sporadic and spontanious" Mix Master Mike. The ITF categories include scratching, beatjuggling, advancement class and team, with a NEW 'Experimental' category being introduced this year.

The 2004 ITF DJ World Championships was held on Saturday 4th December 2004 at 'Zapata' Pragstr.120 Stuttgart, Germany. Judges included DJ Tigerstyle 2003 ITF and Allies Beatdown Champion, the double french champion DJ Pfel as well as GRAND WIZZARD THEODORE, the 'Creator of Scratch' himself, DJ Dopey (Canada) 2003 Technics World DJ Champion, and Shortkut (Beatjunkies). Here is a brief review of the night courtesy of ITF Germany.

Germany is WORLD Champion! What did not happen for years in soccer, the German DJ Team Lordz of Fitness did make it happen four times in one evening. As the DJ world elite came together in the Club Zapata on december 4th to battle out the new world champions in four categories, nobody thought that Germany could take all four champion titles. Under the eyes of an international jury, 21 turntablists out of eleven countries performed battles of the extra class till late in the night and at three o´clock in the morning they brought a throughout positive result for Germany. The Lordz of Fitness could defend their title in the team category and two Djs of the team could win also the other titles in scratching (DJ Rafik), Beatjuggling (DJ Rasgunyado) and Advancement Class (DJ Rafik).
But not only the battles convinced everybody from this event. The whole event „ITF DJ World Championships 2004 presented by PlayStation 2“ was a complete success. Nearly 2000 visitors gathered in and around the brilliant Club Zapata from the afternoon on and overran the technik convention and record sale as well as the area for the eliminations.
Showcases of the jury members and the live acts Blade & Respect BA from UK as well as Static & Nat Ill from Denmark finished the performance and with the appearance of the inventor of Scratch itself, GrandWizzard Theodore, the aftershow party took a perfect end.

The results in detail:

Advancement Class:

1. Rafik (GER)
2. Hara (JAP)
3. Rasgunyado (GER)
4. Virus (USA)

1. Rasgunyado (GER)
2. Mr. B (USA)
3. Virus (USA)

1. Rafik (GER)
2. Flip (IR)
3. Entec (USA)

1. Lordz of Fitness (GER)
2. Noisy Stylus (GER)
3. Battlestar (USA)

1. Trafic (CZ)
2. Man At Cuts (GER)

Picture Gallery (Click to see larger Pic)

Sun 5th September 2004 Hammersmith Apollo, London

USA Takes back the Crown
I Emerge of the 5th Platoon, brings the Gold Decks back to the USA after 4 years since DJ Craze

1st: I-Emerge - USA
2nd: Rafik - Germany
3rd: Dopey - Canada (Defending Champion)

Battle For World Supremacy
1st: DJ Akakabe - Japan
2nd: Silk Kuts - UK

Team Championship
1st: C2C - France
2nd: La Guilde - France
3rd: Lordz of Fitness - Germany

:: VINLY KOMBAT 2004 ::

Friday, 3rd September, 2004 'House of Blues' LAS VEGAS

Winner - Illtraxx of Evolution DJ's

Vinyl Kombat, a new DJ Battle to enter the circuit in the USA took place for the first time on Friday the 3rd of September. Co Ordinated by Christie Z-Pabon, Hosted by DJ Jazzy Jeff and judged by renown turntablists : Rhettmatic, J-Rocc, Melo-D, Shortkut of the Beat Junkues and DJ Quest of the Bullet Proof Space Travelerz. This was destined to be a quality battle and heats took place all across the US leading up to the finals. The Finalists were Skwint (Platter Pirates), Quixotic (Trooperz), Illtraxx (Evolution DJs), I-Dee (Trooperz / VA All-Stars), Kico (Platter Pirates), Marcus (Addicts / VA All-Stars), DJ Tre' (Sloth), and Swan (Fader Grimmlins). The event was presented by Shure in association with Rane, Serato and Remix Magazine. Info courtesy of Christie (


Sunday 14th September @ The London's Brixton Accademy

DJ Dopey

1st. DJ Dopey (Canada)
2nd. Enferno - USAc
3rd. Quest - UK

DJ Dopey is the second Canadian to win the World finals following A Track who has made a reputable name with his many sucessful world tours and teaming with the Allies at such an early age. DJ Dopey took some time out after his celebratory vacation to speak to us for a brief interview.

What is your real name ?
Jon Ryan Santiago

How long have you been a battle DJ ?
I've been a battle Dj for about 5 yrs now

Tell us a bit about your background and how you first started out.
Well, my big bro started to get into the Dj thing a little bit when I was in Gr.8 (13 yrs old). I just recall him & I trying to skratch on our house
stereo system that had a built in turntable. It was pretty funny, that shit was skipping like crazy LOL!!! But I didn't really get my equipent until I
was about 16 years old. The money was hard to raise but I managed to get my mom to buy me a used 1200 plus I had bought another Technics deck that didn't even have pitch control on it, the mixer was bought by my bro for my b-day and that's how I finally got my shit together (in a nutshell at

What or who were your inspirations for battling and turntablism ?
My main inspiration was probably Q and the piklz, they were a huge part of my getting interested in the battle part of things. Just seeing the DMC and
ITF vids was much inspirations, the heated battles between X-Men and ISP, Craze vs. Eclipse, A-Trak winning in '97 all these events had a big part in
me getting interested.

What Titles do you hold to date ?
1999, 2000, 2001 Toronto DMC Regional Champ
1999, 2000 ITF Toronto Advancment Champ
2001, 2002 Vestax Canadian Champ
2001 Allies All-Star Beatdown Champ
2002, 2003 DMC Canadian Champ
2002 3rd Place DMC Worlds
2003 DMC World Champ

Have you or will you be involved with any studio work ?
I have been involved with light studio work with artist such as Saukrates, Cholair, and other local artists. In regards to doing my own beats i've
been learning the past year and will eventually come out with tracks, break records etc involving T.O. artists and J-Tec of the Turntable Monkz.

Have there been other highlights of your career prior to winning the World Finals ?
Oh for sure, I got to work with hip hop icons Main Source for their first ever show anywhere in 10yrs. Me and K-cut came up with a little mix for me
to skratch over to open up the show, that was really dope. And just opening for other acts such as Eminem, Rahzel, Kardinall etc.

How did the crew turntable monks come about ? Tell us a bit about it's members J Tec, Tantrum and the crew's origins.
Turntable Monkz basically formed when we were in high school. We were actually 2 different crews that kinda didn't really like eachother. It was
J-Tec, Tantrum, and illbuddha (he's a dope skratcher that is still very active till today) in one crew and myself and koolkat in another crew.
Eventually we all realized that the school was big enough for both crews and that we'd both benefit if we just joined forces, so we merged together and that was how Turntable Monkz were formed. And today i'm sorry to inform peeps that Tantrum has recently gotten married and is gonna have a baby in a couple of days (congrats chris!!) so he's not too active no more, and KoolKat basically went his own ways after high school finished but we still keep in touch once and a while.

You have earned the title of 2 time national champion in Canada and now the champion of the World. It must have taken a lot of dedication and perseverance to reach this goal. How often are you on the decks and what drives you to train this hard.
It mos definately took alot of perseverence, basically after everybattle I just got even hungrier and hungrier. And the fact that the Canadian Title was one of the only titles (and biggest) to elude me in Canada that made it much more interesting to chase. But honestly after last year I really thought that, that was it for battling, just cauz i've been doin it for so long I was ready to accept that I had achieved all that I could in the battle scene and was ready to move on. But somewhere in the process of "hanging the gloves" peeps talked me in to doin one more year and so I did. So I approached this years DMC's very different, I practiced not as hardcore as the years before and I had more fun with it and took it less serious, and it seemed to work. But for the record I still put a good 4 hours on the turns during competition time.

Some turntablists look at old videos to get inspired for new material in their set. What sparks you to get ideas for the battle and does your crew members have any influence on your final routine ?
My ideas come from all over, i've gotten ideas from older vids like you said and even a movie sound track that I like, it comes from anything and
everything. My crew does have alot of say into my routines, i'll usually bar it out and all that and when it's nice and tidy then I take it to J-Tec
or my boy Device (a dope local kat) for some input. Another thing i'll do is actually try it in a live show and see how the reaction is, that usually
tells me wether the routine is hot or not. But I would never try the live show thing if I didn't think peeps can understand it in the first place.

How would you describe your style in battles ?
I would describe my style as a very aggressive style, when i'm battling i try to make it more of an impact routine and that's why my kutz are alwayz
fast and shit. I just gotta learn how to transfer the impact to more chill routines. But I also think that my style is pretty simple and funky and
thats what gets me through as well.

Tell us a bit about this year's battle. Who were you looking out for and did you see any new styles or techniques ?
Ummm, basically this year i went in there without any expectations. I just wanted to throw down what I had in a decent manner and I woulda been happy with just that. It was just a big bonus that majority of the peeps liked the shit that I was doin. As I said earlier I treated this year very
different from all the other years i've been in the comp, I was more relaxed and just wanted to have fun with it instead of bein all uptight about
things. And in regards to the competition, everyone was dope everyone had something new to bring to the table. Tiger Styles was dope, Enferno was
sick, Quest was really dope and technical; basically the competition is on a much higher level than it was a couple of years ago and is really good to

Where do you see the future of turntablism heading ?
I see it heading towards a more musical appraoch with kats sounding more and more like musical intruments rather than a pair of turntables. The battle scene might cool off for a bit but i'm sure it will pick up again in a bit.

Any tips for the upcoming turntablists ?
Keep doing your thing and just have fun with things and be creative, that's the essence of your success.

Do you do many club gigs back home and what style of music do you like to play ?
I do play out when i'm at home, I ususally play hip-hop (old and new), old school R/B, getting in to playing more funk and uptempo type beats and
ocassionally a little reggae.

I know it may be a bit early for this question but, are you planning any tours and can we expect to see you perform in Australia ?
I would love to get out to Australia, i've heard nothing but good things about the local peeps in your home country. And I heard that its a beautiful place to be as well.

Top 5 favourite tracks at the moment.
I gotta go with some of my homies from TO.
1. Comin up/Saukrates
2. BIG/Brass Munk
3. BellyDancer/Kardi
4. Pimpn LIfe/Big Black Lincon
5. Seniorita/JT haha LOL

All time top 5 Tracks.
1. Code of da streets/Gangstarr
2. Father Time/Saukrates
3. Wrong Side of the Tracks/Artifacts
4. How many emcee's/Blackmoon
5. Soul By The Pound/Common

Interview by KC for United DJ Mixing School

ITF WORLD FINALS 2003 took place once again in Germany, due to it's sell out event last year. The eliminations took place in the “Forum am Deutschen Museum”on 5th december, and the finals in each category was battled out in the Muffathalle in Munich on 6th december. More than 40 djs from 15 different nations took part in the battles. The new champs :

Beatjuggling: 1st - Kid Fresh (Germany) 2nd - Virus (USA)

Scratching: 1st - Flip (Ireland) 2nd - Teeko (USA)

Teams: 1st - Lordz of Fitness (Germany) 2nd - Nocturnal Soundkrew (USA)
3 - 4 One Funk (USA)

Advancement Class: 1st -Tiger Style (UK) 2nd - Rafik (GER) 3rd - Phel (F)
4th - J-Key (ESP)

:: The 2003 Allies All-Star Beatdown World Finals ::
THE ALLSTAR BEATDOWN is the first DJ battle founded and organized by DJs for DJs, hoping to add a sense of integrity to the voting process, all judges read their votes publicly immediately following competitors' performance. This creates a more honest and open event, dispelling any rumors, conspiracy theories or politics within the voting process. The best aspect of this competition would have to be the introduction of giving the competetors (who are rightfully the stars of the show) royalties for the rest of their lives on video sales. Respect !
The 2003 World Finals were held on November 7th, 2003 at Fabric Night Club, London.
The results are :

1st : DJ Tigerstyle (UK)
2nd : I-Emerge (USA)
3rd : Jif Rock (Japan)
4th : Shun (Japan)



The 2002 Vestax World Finals was held in Fabric Nightclub on the 21st November 2002. The original Vestax DJ Competition was established two decades ago. Winners of the early finals in Japan included fresh new names that have now become industry heros: DJ Honda, ECD, DJ Krush, GM Yoshi, DJ Beat, DJ Ta-Shi, and Piston Nishizawa. Then, after twenty years of red-hot annual competition in Japan, Vestax decided it was time to change the national Competition to an international Extravaganza. Past World Champions include incredible turntablists such as : Melo-D (Streaming video at The United DJ Mixing School), A-Track, Swift Rock, Plus One (Streaming Video), and Boogie Blind.

Last Year the battle was held outside of Japan for the first time in L.A and this year it will hit London in November at club FABRIC. This Competition has been widely recognised with the inclusion of scratch artists such as Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, the X- Ecutioners and the World Famous Beat Junkies on the judging panel.  Several of the world finals have featured group turntablist performances by the judging panels, and the final this year in London promises the same formula.  This is the second time the Vestax Extravaganza has had a heat final for Australia and New Zealand, giving local turntablists the opportunity to represent at this year’s world final. Last year’s battle was extremely close, with Stanley and J-Red competing in a tied final followed by a 2 min knockout battle. Both 2001 finalists receive automatic selection for this year’s invitations, so expect a high standard!  This year Vestax welcome a co-sponsor to the stage, Shure cartridges, who are also involved with the competition in other areas of the globe. Shure will provide prizes and giveaways on the night, and DJ Kuya, the Shure representative, will be a member of the judging panel. Also confirmed for the judging panel is DJ KC, owner of United DJ’s, and a former Australian DMC title holder. 

The Vestax Battle uses an elimination system comprising of 4 heats (3 minutes each), 1 quarter final (3 minutes each), 1 semi final (5 minutes each) and the grand final (5 minutes each). Four competitors will be eliminated after the first 4 heats have taken place. This will open the quarterfinal. The two winners form the quarter final will battle for 2nd and 1st place in the grand final, where the losers from the quarter final will move to the semi final to battle for 3rd. All three finalists will be awarded with high-end turntablist equipment from Vestax. The winner will receive 2 x limited edition Vestax PDX 2000 turntables, and an all expenses paid trip to London to represent Australia and New Zealand in the world final at Fabric nightclub. 

The judging methods used in this competition are extremely stringent. There are three main parameters. Technical Skill: this is an area where each entrant is assessed on ability. Composure: this is an area where entrants are assessed on how their set is constructed and delivered. Originality: this is an area where each entrant is assessed on new material. An added section is crowd reaction, but this will only hold a relatively small part in the points system. 

The unique feature with the Vestax competition is the equipment used during the battles. Competitors are required to use the performance based PDX-2000 straight arm turntables loaded with 60% pitch range, instant reverse and variable start/stop controls for the motor. With this control over the vinyl, you can expect to hear some different sound and techniques on the night. DJ’s have the choice of any of the 7 models in the industry-standard PMC 05/06/07 series. 

The World Championships results

1st : DJ Woody (UK)

2nd : Tai-Ji (JP)

3rd : DJ Dopey (CAN)

4th : Man at Arms (GER)

5th : Rei-zi (JP)

The Australasian Vestax Turntablist Extravaganza was held on the 9th of November @ “The Lounge” 243 Swanston St Melbourne. 

The Results were as follows:

1. Sum-1 (SA)

2. J-Red (VIC)

3. Alphabet Head (NZ)

Full Video of the Aussie finals will be uploaded as soon as we get the footage from Vestax.
Here are some previews in the mean time .... (CLICK BELOW TO VIEW WITH REAL PLAYER)

Reflux (SA)
J Red (VIC)
Selekt (VIC)
Finatik (WA)
Sheep (QLD)
Sum 1 (SA)
Normz (NSW)
Alphabethead (NZ)
Alphabethead (NZ)
Sum 1 (SA)
Selekt (VIC)
J Red (VIC)
Alphabethead (NZ)
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:: The 2002 Allies All-Star Beatdown World Finals ::


DJ Trouble from France WINS The 2002 Allies All-Star Beatdown World Finals

This year's All Star Beat Down was held on December 10, 2002 at Irving Plaza @ 17 Irving Place & 15th St. New York City and featured Craze. A-Trak, Infamous, Spictakular, J-Smoke, Klever, Tony Vegas, Prime Cuts, Plus One, Mista Sinista, Money Mark, The Jungle Drummer, Dopey, Precision, Solution, Netik, Trouble, Gimamen, and P-Money 

The Allies All-Star Beatdown Invitational was created with the mission of catering to today's top battle DJs. The All-Star Beatdown is customized to be the kind of competition that the Allies crew had always dreamed of winning,
but which didn't exist at the time!

The Allies All Star Beatdown is organized and judged by DJ Champions.

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"Sharpen your stylus and let the Battle begin"

Over 40 countries around the globe now hold competitions annually to find a national champion who is then flown to the World finals. This year to everyone's amazement, JAPAN has won the championships, with DJ Kentaro taking out the title (The Gold Decks have shipped back to the place where they were made). The results are :

1st Place : Kentaro from Japan (Picture Below)
2nd Place : Skully from UK
3rd Place : Dopey from Canada

 Battle For World Supremacy:
1st Place : DJ Netic from France
2nd Place : DJ Je-Key from Spain

Team Battle:
1st Place : Birdy Nam Nam from France
2nd Place : La Guilde from Belgium
3rd Place : Mixologists from UK

DJ Kentaro

DJ Kentaro (Japan) Wins the 2002 Technics World DJ Championships

Here is a brief interview with DJ Kentaro by KC

How long have you been on the decks?
7yrs. Since 13yrs old.

Who inspired you to be a battle DJ ?
There have been many djs who inspired me but especially shortcut and craze

What was your first battle?
DMC Tohoku Regional Heat 1998

Do you hold any other titles to date ?
2002 DMC World Champion and 2001 DMC World 3rd. (might need more?)

What do you think of the standards at this years world finals ?
All the DJs were at high level juggling and scratching.

Describe your style ?
My style is juggling based and I take the 6mins of routine as one “song”. I don’t want people to see my show and routine partially, I want people to see and listen my 6mins set carefully as one “track”. I use juggles and scratches as tools to create music. They are just tools to me. (use of headphone recommended for this years set if you have a chance to listen!)

What do you think makes you stand out from the rest ?
Again,  I think of myself that I have a strong concept “tightness” and “personality” in melodious and musical routine on this years 6mins set. When I started working on this years set, I was not going for creating a few routines such  as juggles and scratches and just mix them together, but I wanted to create a “song” all way through from beginning to the end. It may be called one total constructed “music”. As you know, on my 6mins, you can’t stop head bending all way through in this years set. It seems way shorter than it is 6mins, doesn’t it?

In your opinion what qualities are needed to be a world champion ?
Open minded to all kinds of music and love music! Don’t discriminate music too much. 

It means a lot to me and to Japanese turntablism scene as well. This will definitely be a big kick for Japanese Club culture, music scene and hope to see many great turntablists will appear in Japan.

The Australian Finals
were held on the 31st of August 2002 at the QBH in Melbourne. The results are as follows :

1st. Selekt
2nd. Samarai
3rd. Sum1


1st. Dirty Duo
2nd. ISO crew
3rd. The Untouchables

Congratulations to DJ Selekt (The NEW Australian Technics DJ Champion) who will be representing Australia at the World Finals together with his partner DJ J Red (Dirty Duo). 

The NSW Finals
was held at the Metro on the 13th July and the Judges were as follows :

DJ Revolution (Direct from LA), DJ Bonez, DJ Kuya, DJ Nino Brown, DJ Danielson, DJ KC, and DJ Nick Toth.

The Judges had 3 parameters:
Technical Ability, Ability for Beat Creation, and Originality.
No Points system but the Top 3 was required by each judge and tallied for the final result.

The night started with a bit of a disappointment. The youngest DJ to ever enter the DMC aged 15 yrs old (DJ Spin) made through the eliminations but was not allowed back in the Club for the Finals because of age restrictions. So unfortunately the people did not have a chance to see his skills. DJ Nino Brown started the night off with his renown DJ/ Turntablist Club Set. Koolism followed after with DJ Danielson showing that he is in no way rusty behind the decks. Then as the venue reached it's capacity, it was time for the International Guest DJ Revolution who showcased an incredible club set that brought the house down. Then finally It was now time for the battle, and the extremely sexy and talented MC Camiel gave us the running order of the DJ's. This is where I'll have to stop and let you watch the sets yourself, otherwise you'll just read another personal opinion of the battle. Check it out and please give your comments ..... 

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1st : DJ Son

2nd : DJ Stanley

3rd : DJ Normz

Congratulations to DJ Dr. Son who will represent NSW in the Australian Finals in Melbourne on the 31st August 2002 to battle against other states and the defending Australian Champion DJ Samuri. As there were no other team entrants, the only team entrant (DJ Subway and DJ Speedracer) will automatically represent NSW in the Team Championships in Melbourne. We wish them all the best of luck .....

Last year We decided to post a "People's Choice award" for the World wide web so that the People can watch the sets and have their say. We are continuing with this Award this year and if you would like to contribute, the footage can be viewed by clicking on the contestant's pictures above. 

"People's Choice Award"

Vote Here for your favourite DJ and have your say ! Poll will end on the 15th August 2002.


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