Ms Stylz


What inspired you to be a DJ?

I was at a gig having a boogie to a DJ from the middle of the dance floor and the track gave me goose bumps, I looked to the left at the stranger next to me, he smiled at me, it was an ear to ear smile as he waved one arm in the air, i smiled back and looked to the right and the girl on this side she had the same smile, and i was like "wow the Dj did that, I want to do that to people". I have been so lucky to have seen so many amazing Dj's both internationals and been blessed to spend time with Local Dj's who ... just wanna make people move!

Ok so who makes you wanna get up and move?

I try to maintain an eclectic taste in music, mainly for my own interest but also to make me more versatile as a DJ here’s a bita what I like: Dj Shadow, Stanton warriors, Freq Nasty, Krafty Kuts, Plump Djs, Concorde dawn, Nubreed, Skool of Thought, UBERZONE, Prodigy, Pendulum, Andy C, Rennie Pilgrem, Freestylers, Ali B, Adam Freeland, Way Out West, Crystal Method, Joe, Breakfastaz, Evil Nine, Drummatic twins, Ed Rush and Optical, Salmonella dub, Shapeshifter (NZ), , RUN DMC, DJ Icey, Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa, New Order, NWA, Dr Dre, Public Enemy, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, should I stop yet???? Ugly Duckling, Infusion, Daft Punk…..

What do you enjoy most about Djing?

While im playing in my room, it takes me some place else, I forget about the rest of the world for that time. I have only just started playing out but, Playing records I love and looking up to see people are loving it too.
Its a buzz like nutting else.

What genre do you prefer to play at the moment?

Im most fanatical about Breaks, and that is something ill always be about do for myself and get some work doing, but in recent times that is becoming an increasingly smaller scene so I am starting to put together I little bita sumting of my other passion and that’s HipHop.

Do you prefer Vinyl or CD and why?

I much prefer the Vinly experience, you can touch it and feel it as you play it. I don’t get tha CDJ thing, how ever I see so much potential in the digital programs that are sweeping the industry at the moment, such as serato and final scratch. These make the world of music available to you, not just what you can find on Vinyl or what you can carry around to clubs, and you can kinda feel like your still playing records.

Top 5 All time Favorite tracks?

Eeek that’s so hard , I have some commitment issues with this sorta ting,
There is so much amazing music out there, especially when I love a few genre’s.
Or here goes…

5-Anything But You - Way out west
4- Omit Collect - Zero
3-Summer dayz - Krafty Kuts and A-Skilz
2- Born too Slow -Crystal Method
1- She's not in - Stanton Warriors

Top 10 Current favorite tracks?

Ok here is what is “last played” on my MP3 player, they aren’t all current trax’s but stuff im excited about today.

10-Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde le Grand
9- Friends – Simeon vs ??
8- Love me hate me - Lady Sovereign
7- Crooked -Evil Nine
6 – Hot and heavy _ Ed Solo and School of Thought
5 – Morning Sun – Concord dawn
4 –The bloc party track I love
3 - Fuck me on the dance floor – Princess Superstar
2 – High Planes drifter - J Break
1 -Glass Breaker Force – The Crystal Method

Are you working on any current projects at the moment?

The next few weeks are going to be about making myself a pumping demo and getting it out to as many venues and promoters as I can. I am currently in talks with a funky little venue about putting on a regular breaks night, Its looking like starting the 31st of March , keep an eye on my myspace page for details.

Where can we find out more about you? My space folks… sad but it’s the way of that future G’s.

:: download mp3 mix - March 07 ::