(X-Ecutioners, DMC World Champ)

Roc Raida began his DJ career in the early eighties at the age of ten. Surrounded by such inspirations as his father, a member of the Sugar Hill Records act Mean Machine and hip hop impresario Grandmaster Flash, Raida cultivated his interest into an absolute passion. Now, Roc Raida is considered among the best of the contemporary DJ’s and has brought the art of Turntablism and Party rocking to a fresh new level.

Roc Raida's former crew the X-ecutioners were, along with San Francisco's Invisibl Skratch Piklz, among the first all-DJ outfits to sign a recording contract, and the first to release a full-length album focusing on the art of turntable manipulation. They released their first full-length disc, "X-Pressions", in 1997. Roc Raida, Rob Swift and Total Eclipse revived the project in 2002 with the release of "Built From Scratch", its nu-metal-oriented cut "It's Goin' Down" featuring Linkin Park enjoyed a 8 week chart run in the top 20 of Modern Rock Tracks and put the album at #15 on The Billboard Top 200 chart. They returned a year later with "Scratchology" that appeared in the top 20 of the U.S. Independent Albums chart.

In 1995 Roc Raida took on the world and won the infamous WORLD DMC DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS. Since then he has been traveling around the globe in such exotic locations as Singapore, Turkey, Japan and Australia to China, Hawaii, Moscow, and the South of France. Two years ago on a panel at the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Raida was appointed "Grandmaster", by some of Hip-Hop’s founding fathers. To round out a phenomenal decade, Raida was also inducted into the DMC Hall of Fame at the 1999 DMC World Finals in New York City.

Roc Raida has been featured on an episode of "Saturday Night Live"; the first DJ to ever share the stage with the fabled SNL band. Proving, once again, that Raida is the perfect example of a master perfecting his art.

In the last 8 years he has produced record for artists, such as, Big L, Smif ‘N’ Wessun, Fat Joe, Bad Boy recording artist Aasim, Ghostface, Black Thought of The Roots and Linkin Park to name a few. He has also lent his hand’s scratching on records for artist’s like O.C.’s classic “Time’s Up” to pop sensation Pink’s new album “I’m Not Dead.” Recently Raida was the star of the National Pepsi commercial entitled Speakerboxx.

With many more projects to come in the near future and now a part of the Heavy Hitters crew you will be hearing and seeing a lot of Raida for many years to come through his music, his visuals, his style and the radio where he is the newest edition to Washington D.C.’s #1 radio station WPGC 95.5.

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Roc Raida's interview at the United DJ Mixing School (14/7/97) by DJ KC

1. What/Who inspired you to become a battle DJ ?
Djs’ such as Steve D Sean Fee and Grandmaster Flash inspired me a great deal.

2. Where are you working at the moment ?
A Club called ‘Vinyl’ in New York.

3. How did you get involved with the X Men ?
Me, Steve D and Sean Fee met at the Superman Battles. Then we got other people involved like Rob Swift and Sinister from going to different battles and practising together.

4. How many people are in the X Men ?
There is actually 11 of us but only 4 people that still battle and stuff.

5. What did you think of the standards at the Technics World DJ Championships this year ?
There was a few good Djs’ but there was more wacked Djs’. I personally think there was about 4 Djs’ that should have made it into the Finals including Dexta from Australia.

6. Did you see many new tricks this year ?
A few things but nothing that impressed me.

7. What do you think of the differences with the DMCís Format of battling (6 Minutes) and I.T.F.ís format ( 90 seconds)?
I guess it depends on what you want to do, like if you want to battle one on one or weather you just want to show a whole bunch of stuff. In the ITF you get to choose which set to battle which DJ with and that way itís more spntanious. DMC is a bigger battle but I think it has commercialised itself too much.

8. Body tricks are used by battle Djsí to entertain the crowd. Some Djsí disapprove of it and say it should be straight up sound and less visuals. What are your views on this topic ?
I think a DJ should be able to do everything, Body tricks, Scratching and play in clubs right! you should do everything, you shouldnít limit yourself. If you donít do certain things like Body tricks, thatís your weak point.

9. What will you be showcasing in Australia ?
Iím gonna be playing a club set for like fourty minutes and do a showcase for like twenty. Iíll also be showing some of my new tricks to Australia.

10. Who do you think we should watch out for in the world ITF Comp ?
I donít know, I guess youíll see that day. I donít like to pick people to watch out for because they might come up and be wack.

11. What projects will you be involving in in the near future ?
We just finished the X Men Album so thatíll be out like September and there will also be a single out in July. It will feature M.C.ís like Ko Ko, The Creature and Niki.

12. Who are your 5 favourite DJ’s ?
Q Bert,
Short Cut,
Total Eclipse and
Cash Money.

13. Finally what are your 5 favourite tunes of all time ?
Brooklyn Zoo,
Mardi Gra,
Fusion Beats,
Dance to the drummers beat and
Peter piper.

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